How Google Works?

I am quite sure that many of us want to know about how Google works? Won’t it be good if someone from the core team of Google come up with the secrets? Read on this blog post of mine on how Google works?

Well, honestly I am not at all related with Google, I am saying this because you should not get confused with the first paragraph that I am a big name in Google and revealing some secrets with you all.

Honestly I am talking about the book which is being written by three giants of Google. The books name is How Google Works, and I am sure that it will going to create a huge mark in the internet users. Let me first tell you about the authors of this book.

Who wrote How Google Works? 

I am not aware of the fact that exactly whose idea was it, but then it was written by these people:

Eric Schmidt 

Eric Schmidt is a well known name amongst the internet users. He was the CEO of Google since 2001. Now he is the executive chairman of Google, and thus you can easily understand if he has written this book then what sort of details this book will have inside it.

Jonathan Rosenberg 

Jo joined Google in 2002 probably. As far as I know about him he managed the design and development ideas of Google. He is serving as the advisor to the CEO of Google, and I am sure you all are already aware that these days the CEO of Google is Larry Page the founder of the internet giant.

Alan Eagle 

Honestly I am not much aware about Alan; I only know that he is the Director of Executive Communications at Google.

How Google Works? 

Being an SEO who is working in this field since 2004 only, I know the importance of this question. We all SEO’s and website owners want to know how Google works and how a website can be successful in the world of web.

How Google Works?

How Google Works?

This is the reason why we all want to hear the response to this question.

Who else can tell you the story than these three giants?

How can I Get it? 

Simply right now you can preorder it through the website and you can also follow the hashtag #howgoogleworks for getting insights about the book.

Please do let me know your opinion about this book. I will wait for your comments over here.

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