Social Media Optimization Plays a Great Role in Search Engine Optimization!

Social Media Optimization, in simple terms, really means making best use of social media for networking, business or personal purposes, for brand building and other commercial and non-commercial needs. It is indeed intertwined with Search Engine Optimizations, since both have common goals and interests, in terms of offering best network experiences and providing solid, robust, reliable and sustaining social platforms for advancement of social and business networking of different kinds and for gaining different goals and objectives.

The primary objective of SEO is to gain optimum and value based benefits for both websites owners and visitors in terms of providing and catering to their needs and aspirations. SMO helps SEO to gain their mission objectives and vision goals, through live viral marketing practices, in terms of sharing audio and video contents, social bookmarking to gain better traffic and gain participative, proactive audience for goods, products, commodities and services. Although the main characteristics of SEO is typically gaining appropriate and effective search words, links for anchors, etc., there is no reason why SMO cannot play a more responsible and greater role in the advancement of SEO, especially for commercial and personal purposes. Indeed, there are major reasons to believe that, since both SMO and SEO are overarching aspects, they do tend to underpin and interact with each other for mutual gains and benefits.

SMO Vs SEO | Role of Social Media Optimization in SEO

SMO Vs SEO | Role of Social Media Optimization in SEO

 SMO Vs SEO | Role of Social Media Optimization in SEO

Slowly but surely the onus of SEO is moving away from its stereotyped concept of providing high rankings for websites, and has moved on to advanced and more mature areas of  engaging content, making great site designs, quicker loading pages and so on. Indeed the core elements attached to SEO is fast dwindling, thanks to paradigm shifts in SEO brought about by their own changes in conception thus forcing users to view them in better, improved and enhanced light. Indeed the various aspects of SMO does impact on SEO technology also, With more and more of younger generations (around 20 years age groups) entering the fray of business, recreation and social networking drawn from SMO, there is bound to be conspicuous changes on how SEO views itself in relation with SMO and vice versa.

There are indeed major impacts of SMO on SEO and these could be discussed under the heads of back links, link contents, engagements and mentions. Coming first to aspect of engagement, social media likes and shares are well talked about and shared and this also favorably impacts SEO in terms of web rankings and positioning. Besides, it is only SMO that provide the authority authenticity and followership engagement to SEO. Besides, there are tools that allow search engines like Google, track all linked contents and attributes them to their original source. This, in effect sets to rest the possibilities and controversies arising out of wrong attribution of original sources. Finally, the use of black hat techniques are no longer in vogue as they were at one time, thus adding newer values to content optimization and providing back links to website materials. Thus natural back links have now come to occupy center stage and is widely popular and practiced in sites like PInterest and so on, which places greater emphasis on back links.

The fact that both SMO and SEO do largely underpin each other has created value for both is no understatement and this strategy would indeed be beneficial in future too. SEO now needs greater onus on content, design and engagement, for which the assistance of SMO is indispensable. Indeed, when we come to think of the Digital Marketing Strategies that are now in vogue, these do consider both SEO and SMO in order to gain the best of worlds- website rankings and highly engaged content, design and delivery. Thus both serve as complementary to each other and are not mutually exclusive, or independent. The greater preponderance and influence of SMO on SEO is evident that SEO has now moved somewhat away from links and keywords and now entails content, design and presentation. This plays major part in business purchase decision making and other crucial aspects in business.

Further, SMO in SEO also entails providing essential data and information to mobile users and this also entails’ effective marketing overtures to current and potential users in order to gain the best of exploring maximum potential of apps and location-critical marketing

Finally, the impact and influence of SMOs on SEO cannot be underrated or over emphasized. SMO is indeed crucial for successful enforcement and implementation of SEO strategies and web ranking procedures and shall find greater usage, placement and deploy ability in future too.

Author’s Bio: Author Christy Nelsen is a writer by profession. He contributes articles and blogs on travelling, education, technology, fashion and shopping. He has good knowledge in all writing field. He helps the student’s any papers to buy from custom essay writers.

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