How to Choose the Best SEO Company for Your Website?

It really hurts when I see the poor bunch of people (as far as SEO knowledge is concerned) doing SEO of quality website and then all the hard earned ranking of that particular website disappear with a new update of Google.

The reason why these quality website choose those poor guys to do the search engine optimization of their website might have been these two factors:

Pricing Factor

The price demanded by a quality SEO guy will be higher, and just to save a few bucks those website owners prefer those so called SEO.

Always remember if a guy or a SEO company offering you very cheap services, especially for SEO then be aware, it will be high chance that your website will be penalized very soon.

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Desire of Getting Quick Results

More than 95% of the website owners have this desire of getting quick results from SEO efforts, which is genuinely not possible and makes them uncomfortable with the real SEO knowledgeable guy.

This is the reason why those website owners got attracted by those poor knowledgeable companies or people, who will guarantee them the quick results. They will promise them that their website will reach to the first page of Google within one week of starting the SEO campaign.

Always use your own brain and don’t be cheated by these guarantees. None of the guarantees work in the field of search engine optimization. Only quality and genuine work that too performed on a consistent basis will work in SEO, which might take a longer duration to show results.

Not Having the Knowledge about SEO

In most of the cases, I have seen that the website owner him/her self don’t has the knowledge about SEO and mostly relies on the wordings of some of their very close allies. Now this guy, who always is an expert in manipulating the moods of the owner of the website, take benefits from this situation and try to give the SEO contract to the company or guys who will give the benefit share to them.

This is the reason why many companies out here in India are suffering loss from online marketing.

How to Choose the Best SEO Company for Your Website?

How to Choose the Best SEO Company for Your Website?

How to Choose the Best SEO Company for Your Website?

Okay, this is the situation which is forced to the websites by their owner only and we can’t do much about it. While I was working on my last post on Some Basic SEO Tips which you Might Not Ignore for Long Run, I received a mail from a website for contributing a guest blog with them, and they published the blog written by me on 3 Innovative Stuffs Which Might Help you for SEO! Hope these two blogs will also help you to understand about what is happening on SEO industry these days. You might also like to subscribe to my blog or you can also check some of my blogs on SEO in search engine optimization category of my site.

Returning back to the original discussion on how to choose the best SEO company for your website, here I want to let you know that SEO is one of the most important online marketing strategy which might result your website some quality traffic and branding in your niche. Don’t forget that to search anything people use to rely on search engines result pages, and reaching to the first page of those search engines is not an easy task.

If you are not much aware about how to choose the best SEO Company, no need to worry about, I will guide you to do so.

Quality Guidelines

When you talk to an SEO or a SEO firm or company, you should look for what things are they assuring you for running the SEO campaign by them? Are they giving you any guarantee? If so, you must counter him/her with different questions, like how will they be able to complete this guarantee? What if they fail to fulfill this guarantee?

Here, everybody should understand that SEO is not something which can be revertible easily later on, once you gave your website to the wrong hands, you won’t get the chance to retrieve the loss which might cause to your website.

Always remember the person who is guarantying you for something in SEO will have higher chances that he just wanted to get the contract from you.

You should prefer an SEO company like ours, which will assure you that we will work as per the quality guidelines given by search engine giants like Google, and will only do the quality work.

This assurance and the knowledge about their SEO understanding are very much important.

Understanding Old History of SEO

Always prefer to choose an SEO company or firms which have the experience and knowledge about the past history of the changing trends of SEO field. During my nine years of industry experience I realized that what SEO is today, is actually entirely different than what it was a few years back.

So whenever you are discussing with the SEO guy, try to check his knowledge about past trends of SEO fields. It will give you a brief understanding about you should go with him or not.

SEO Ethics

Now this is something which is always required from an SEO company, firm or executive. They must have the knowledge of the ethics followed in SEO industry and must be able to explain the same to the client as well.

The company should be able to assure you at the very first instance that they won’t follow any black hat SEO technique to get the quick results, which might penalize your website in long run.

SEO Services

As I mentioned in my guest blog (link given above) that these days SEO is majorly shifting towards Blogging, Videos and Social Media. So when you are interviewing any SEO company, firm or executive, you should ask them about their experience in these things.

Also check the broad range of services which they are offering, and then only decide about whether you should go with them or not?

The Bottom Line 

To be very frank, in this world a website is nothing, you might be able to destroy a domain name at any time if you found that it is not returning you good results and go with a new domain name and identity, but still for me a website is like having a child of ours, and I would not be able to throw any child of mine during their illness. I can’t be able to kill the child if I came to know that he has some incurable disease.

Thus, I would suggest everyone not to handover your website to some unsecured hands, so that it can have some incurable disease later, instead you should handover your website to a very secure hands only.

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