How PPC might Help You in SEO?

Well, one of the most common myths which I faced during my 9 years of working experience as an SEO Analyst is that when we are spending so much on PPC in Google, they might obviously help our rankings in Organic Results as well.

It is quite common that people think that if they are investing money on Google then Google will obviously give them a favor in Organic results as well, but to be very precise this is myth only. Google or any search engines never gives any favor to any site as far as positions in organic results are concerned. So if you are investing so much on PPC it won’t ever help you in SEO.

Is it so?

Well, both SEO and PPC are the ways to bring traffic, difference being the PPC is the paid one, while SEO is the free one, as far as Google is concerned. Normal perception is that PPC brings visitors quickly, while SEO is a long process. The basic difference between the two is that in PPC you pay directly to search engines for displaying your ads, while in SEO you work on your website and present them in a better way so that search engines will like them and bring them up on search engine result pages.

So, as the search engines clearly mention that there is no co-relation between you spending on us and your SEO process, so does PPC help you anyways to do SEO?



Well in my opinion Yes, PPC does help you in SEO, and here are the ways how:

Increase Popularity of Your Website

Well, if you are investing so much on PPC campaigns, people are going to see you on the first page of the search engine. Even in the form of ad only, it will increase your visibility, and as people will click on your ads, it will increase your popularity as well. Now this is something which is very crucial for your business.

These days the concept of SEO has changed entirely. You are suppose to provide the same things on your website’s page for which you developed the page, so if someone is coming to your page through PPC and finds the services for which they are looking for, it has higher chances that it will convert into your customer.

So investing only on PPC won’t help you any way, unless you have already done the SEO of your web pages. To gain business, or to gain more ROI you must need to invest on doing SEO of your web pages as well, as PPC might bring visitors to your site, but poor managed page will force them to close the site or click on back button, thus your PPC campaign will be affected and also you will lose money because of all this.

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Keyword Research

As you all know that PPC follows a very calculated approach and keyword research plays the crucial role into the success of your campaigns. So this will clearly help you in doing SEO of your site as well. As if you are running a PPC campaign so you will be able to analyze what is in demand these days, and which keywords is bringing good traffic to your website, thus you can focus on the same when you plan about the SEO of your site.

Thus keyword research done with the PPC will already help you to do SEO for your site. This is the reason why I focus on providing the SEO services to the same company which will do the PPC analysis for your company.

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Meta Tags

As we all know that there are different factors associated with the increased ranking of your website, and Meta tags becomes the most important amongst them. There are many tools available for PPC which helps us to extract exact and best possible meta tags suggestion for our website and helps us to develop a fully SEO friendly website.

These types of researches for PPC also help us to put the best possible anchor text for our own website, thus it helps in the proper structure of our website.

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Thus to be precise, though search engines don’t gives value to your SEO, if you are spending money on PPC, but still basic research on PPC will work good for the SEO of the site. Other than those if PPC is increasing visibility of your website, so people will start searching with your business name only, which will again help you to get Organic visitors. So I am quite sure you all are now aware about how PPC is going to help your SEO one, please don’t hesitate in sharing your opinion about this blog of ours.

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