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What is Google Page Layout Algorithm & its Impact on SEO!

On around 6th of February, Google did a small update to their Page Layout Algorithm. It was actually the third update of the same. We don’t have any idea about how much this update impacted the search results, but as per me it must not have caused that much of impact. At first I thought

What is Google Hummingbird & its Impact on SEO!

The question of the moment is that, how we can deal with the Google Hummingbird update? How can we be able to make our website more Google hummingbird friendly? Read more about what Google Hummingbird update is and what you need to know to stay ahead in the SEO race.

How to Deal with Negative SEO & use Disavow Links Tool!

Many people are saying that they don’t have controls over links pointing to their website from bad neighborhoods sites or unwanted sites. Instances of Google penalizing sites based on these unnatural links are increasing and thus the fear of these types of negative SEO is also increasing. Read more to know about How to Deal