Three Most Essential SEO Elements for Our Website!

While there are close to thousands of signals which decide the fate of your website as far it’s ranking on search engines is concerned, but then there are three most essential elements of SEO which we should never neglect while developing a website or blog.

Read on this blog post of mine on those three most essential SEO elements for our website which we should never neglect.

Last day only I was thinking about the latest Pigeon update by Google, and I was wondering if this is something which can destroy someone as Panda or Penguin did? Honestly with so many Google updates like EMD, Penguin, Panda, and now Pigeon, webmasters are now a bit confuse. They all are not at all sure of what things are of most urgent nature as far as SEO is concerned.

Though I am not an SEO expert, but the little knowledge which I do possess in SEO is clearly indicating me these three things which can be considered as a vital ingredients for the ranking of any website or blog.

Essential SEO Elements for Our Website

Essential SEO Elements for Our Website

Three Most Essential SEO Elements for Our Website! 

Here are those three most essential SEO elements which anyone should not ever ignore while developing their website:


Like we say “Content is The King”, and it is actually very much true as far as SEO is concerned. I have seen many a websites ranking on Google search results, simply because of their awesome content. Their owner don’t even know the ABCD of search engine optimization and just focus on developing user friendly, unique and informative content and hence they are ranking.

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The content of your website should be something which can force anyone who reads it to say wow. Now anyone who is going to like any piece of content will definitely show this affection on their social network as well. Thus you will automatically getting back links, and a positive impact on the ranking of your website or blog.

Another factor which you are required to take care of is the duplicity of the content of your website. Make sure to use Canonical tags so that it should not even be considered as a duplicate content from your own website too.

Along with the content which you produce for your website, user generated contents also plays a vital role in deciding the ranking of your website.


Another very vital thing as far as the SEO of your website is concerned is the links; no matter if it is either on your website or coming from some other websites. All the outbound links from your website and all the inbound links to your website, actually matters a lot for the ranking of your website on search engines, especially Google.

It is the sole responsibility of the site owner to check for the links which are going out from their website and to make sure that it should go to quality sites only. If you consider that the quality of the sites that you are linking to is less, simply use NoFollow tags to restrict Google to index it.

Similarly for your back links as well, make sure it is coming from quality websites, else disavow it. Otherwise soon your website will have unnatural links penalty.

If you don’t know about Google Disavow Links Tool, then must check this blog.

Responsive Design 

I guess we all are aware of the fact that mobile searches are increasing day by day, and influence is now given to sites which can come up good on mobile phones and tablets as well along with PC, i.e. on multiple devices. If you are not yet aware of the fact that websites with responsive designs are getting more preferences in search engines algorithms, then you should start exploring how you can convert your website into a responsive website.

There might be differences in whether we should go with different sites for mobile users or can have the same website with a responsive design, but then there should not be any argue for the need of having a fast and responsive website for mobile users as well.

You can also read this blog of mine on the SEO benefits of Responsive Web Design!

I guess in a blog it is hard to contain all those thousands signals which Google is considering to rank your website in SERP, but then these three were the most important one I think as.

Hope you liked this blog post of mine. Please do share your opinion about it. I will wait for your comment on this blog post of mine.

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