How to Earn Money Online?

If you are working in the field of online marketing, then I am quite sure you must have encountered this question of how to earn money online for so many times. Here is a blog on how to earn money online.

In my career of around 10 years, I have been encountered this question many a times. If you go online and search for this question, you will find thousands of pages, blogs, content, etc. on this. You might also land to some sites which might ask you to do sign up to earn money, as if once you logged in there and your bank account will fill up with billions of dollars.

I have seen many a friends of mine investing so much money on such programs as well. To be very frank, I too invested a few bucks on such so called make money online programs, I just wanted to check if they really works or not.

To be very honest with you all there is no such shortcut in our life. You won’t be able to earn a single penny or anything, without doing hard work. There is no substitute of hard work in our life, you can actually earn some money if you want to go by an illegal way, but then if you want to earn money through legal and honest way then you will have to do hard work.

It is not like that people don’t even earn anything online. I myself am an example who did earned a decent amount online and still earning my bread and butter through it only. Let me clear one thing over here that I am not going to ask you to purchase anything or join any program to earn money, but I am in this blog post will share my own real life experiences of the ways to earn money online.

How to Earn Money Online?

How to Earn Money Online?

How to Earn Money Online? 

There are a few things which can truly help you to earn money online, and those are:

Freelance Content Writing 

If you are good in English, especially in writing, then you can easily earn your bread and butter through it. Content writing is one of the most esteemed and prominent field these days. You can write content on different topics and you can easily sale them on different online platforms as well.

On the other hand, you can also ask different website owners, companies to recruit you as a freelancer and thus you can easily earn a good and fixed amount through it. To be very frank as internet is a vast thing, hence content writing is also becoming a vast field.


If you are a bit good in writing (in English mainly) and a bit of creative as well, then blogging is one of the best option which you can obtain for earning money online. Though the biggest myth associated with blogging is that you can earn huge money through it overnight, which is actually not true.

To earn money through your blog, you need to invest so much time, energy, creativity and efforts. You can’t expect any earning overnight from it. It is a slow process, first you will have to establish yourself as a blogger and then you can expect to monetize your blog.

If you are a kind of a person who got bored from something very soon, then to be very honest blogging is not the cup of tea for you.

You should not take blogging for your future then.

Search Engine Optimization 

SEO or search engine optimization, being the core strength of mine will obviously be the favorite option of mine as far as earning from online mediums are concerned. Honestly it is the best option among all the work from home options available throughout the globe. Though many people claims that SEO is dead now, but being an SEO who has around 10 years of experience in SEO only, I can say that it is neither dead nor going to die soon.

You can also check the following blogs of mine on this: Is SEO Really Becoming Obsolete! And Is SEO Dead or Dying?

SEO is a field in which you can learn about things which can help you to optimize a webpage for the relevant keywords and you can get the job. Here the job which I am mentioning is the full time job. But then with time you can also be able to get online job as well, there are so many freelancers website through which you can easily get some freelance work in SEO, or you can even get a permanent client who can pay you for your work from home.

As far as SEO as a Career option is concerned, you can also check this blog post of mine on Search Engine Optimization as a Career! Even you can also check this blog post of mine: What Are the Skills Required to Be An SEO?

Social Media Analyst 

You all know that social media has influenced our online activities badly during last few years. To be very frank, it has grown as one of the best opportunities to work from home recently. If you are good at spending time on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc. then you can easily select this option of Social Media Analyst as a career.

To be very frank, you can get plenty of opportunities in which companies look for people who can increase the social media interaction of their business. And it can be easily done by those guys who had a good profile on these sites.

Web and Graphic Designer 

If you are a creative person and has the ability to play with colors and designs then the best work from home opportunity for you is to become a web and graphic designer. For this you need to learn some courses on software’s like Photoshop, etc. and you can easily start working as a web and graphic designer.

You can develop a portfolio of your works and you can easily be able to get some clients for your work from home purposes.

Web Developer 

If you are good at programming, then you can easily be a web developer. You can try your hand in the fields like PHP development, or .Net programming and you can easily develop a few websites for sampling purposes. I am sure if you can develop them well then people will definitely like them and would hand over their website to you.

The best thing with web developer is that you can get the maintenance contract for those websites as well, which will give you an option of earning on a regular basis.

Blog Developer 

Again if you have a bit of the knowledge of web programming languages like PHP or .NET then you can easily become a blog developer. You can master yourself in software’s like WordPress, Magento and BlogSpot etc.

With the growth of blogging in today’s generation, these types of job are too much in demand.

So these were some of the works which can give you the option of work from home and earn money online opportunities. The best thing with most of these works are that although you can get some online learning opportunities of these things, but the more you will work on them, and the more experience you will have and the more chances of getting work through these things will come into your life.

Do not forget to share your opinion about this blog post of mine. Though there are so many opportunities remain in this online world through which you can earn money online, but then I shared only those things through which I was familiar of. I can say about these things as I have seen people earning real money through all these works.

Please don’t hesitate in sharing something if I missed over here, or some comments, feedback, etc. about this blog post of mine.

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How to Earn Money Online?
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