Google Penalizes – Is Guest Blogging Dead Now?

A few days back Matt Cutts, announced that guest blogging is almost over, as far as using the same for SEO purposes is concerned. There was a huge chaos about the same (is guest blogging dead?) happened in the world of webmasters. Being an SEO I insisted that guest blogging is not dead, as if you do it in the quality way, you won’t have to suffer anything.

Yesterday when Matt first announced that Google has taken action against a large guest blogging network, we all thought about that it must be the the site providing the platform for guest blogging and running by Ann Smarty (

Matt Cutts Tweet on My Blog Guest - is Guest Blogging Dead?

Matt Cutts Tweet on My Blog Guest – is Guest Blogging Dead?

I was a bit confident enough that Google would not penalize my blog guest, but then when it was confirmed by Ann, I thought this time Google did a mistake of penalizing a good website.

My Blog Guest

My Blog Guest

Those who are not aware about my blog guest, let me tell them that it is a huge website providing a huge platform of guest blogging. People use to submit their guest posts over there and the sites which show interests in them might get the chance to publish the same on their website, depending on the choice of the publisher of the guest blog.

All those webmasters who were the part of the “my blog guest”, either a guest blogger or a blog owner, must be shocked because of this step. Even Ann was a bit surprised with this:

Ann Smarty Tweet on MyBlogGuest Penalty - is Guest Blogging Dead?

Ann Smarty Tweet on MyBlogGuest Penalty – is Guest Blogging Dead?

Is Guest Blogging Dead?

Well, if you ask me, I would definitely say a No against this. Though I am not sure about what this penalty of my blog guest will impact on the publishers of that particular website.

But yes I can definitely say that if you are a quality guest blogger then you need not to worry at all about it.

When I was writing my first e-book on guest blogging, I already discussed about this point in large over there. I am soon going to publish the same and hope it will help you to understand the new hype towards guest blogging. To know more about this upcoming book of mine you can follow me at my twitter account:

Meanwhile you can also check one old blog post of mine on guest blogging and how to do guest blogging to get the maximum benefits.

Coming back to our original discussion about being penalized by Google, it is quite sure that Matt Cutts and his team must have found something serious about them, unless they would not have penalized them. But, as per the normal reactions which I am seeing over twitter or at other social media sites, the sentiment is against Google this time.

Well, all those who were the part of this site are definitely feeling sad about this action of Google, while on the other hand some genuine people are also thinking about this action, as normal perception was that this website never allows anything unethical, or something which might break any rule of Google.

On the other hand the site my blog guest, were not also involved in any link sale-purchase activity. The owner of the site, Ann Smarty, doesn’t consider it a blog network, but then normally it was considered as the same by many website owners.

Though, it is a fact that there are some major networks of guest blogging, which are also involved in paid trading, but then Matt and his team choose to penalize, which was in no way involved in any paid activity.

Frankly speaking, it is an open fact that there are so many so called good webmasters who openly ask for money to allow a guest blog to appear on their website. What will Matt do to them?

I don’t think that Matt and team will take any action against them.

But anyways, my point over here is to let website owners know that doing poor quality guest blogging is going to harm you and your website only. If you really want to do guest blogging then must apply some quality value into it.

So what do you say – is guest blogging dead? Do share your opinion about is guest blogging dead as far as SEO is concerned, in the form of comments. We are eagerly waiting for your opinion about it.

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