How to Do Blogging during the Holidays!

I don’t think that no one is here who do hate relaxing on holidays, especially on weekends. Being a blogger I can understand that it’s really too difficult to do blogging especially on holidays. It really needs a real courage to inspire you to write a new blog on weekends or during holidays.

It’s a Saturday, and when I thought to write something, I thought why not some light topic this time, which will at least inspire a few people to do blogging on holidays. So here I come up with this topic of how to do blogging during the holidays.

Just a few days back we (almost all of us) came back to our daily routine from a long holiday trip, during the same I was thinking about writing this blog post, I initiated it too, but never get a chance to complete this write up. Today only I thought to finish this.

I don’t have hesitation in accepting the truth that I don’t want to work on weekends or during holidays. I guess we all have this nature. We all became a bit lazy and we thought let’s forget about blogging during the holidays. After all for the most part of our life we use to think about the same only, so why not give a break to the same for a few days?

Everyone needs a break. There is no harm in giving a break to your regular routine life. But then, we all have some responsibilities which might force us to work during the holidays. In case of blogging, if you are a full time or even part time blogger as well; you might ignore blogging on holidays or weekends, but then it won’t satisfy you.

Let me tell you my own situation. I hardly get a few hours only on weekdays to do some research for my next blog posts. So during holidays or weekends it becomes my responsibility to finish those write ups which I started during the weekdays, and did not get a chance to finish in between.

For me if I don’t get a chance to publish new blog on my blogs for a long duration, it actually pinches me and I feel as if I cheated with my readers. It is you guys who are the regular readers of my blog, who can feel that I might be relaxing and did not giving time to my blogs.

On the other hand, it’s not like that I don’t enjoys the holiday, I even do enjoy more with my wife and lovely daughter, but then again I try to give some time to my blogging passion, so that I can at least have a good blog post which I can publish in between.

After all without commitment, you won’t be able to succeed in your life.

How to Do Blogging during the Holidays!

How to Do Blogging during the Holidays!

How to Do Blogging during the Holidays?

Read on this blog post of mine to get some inspiration to do blogging on holidays….

Keep Alive the Passion

It is the passion of yours which inspire you to do blogging. Well for me this line fits quite well. Many people has asked me this question that after all what do I get from investing so much time on blogging, and my normal response is that it’s my passion and gives me happiness.

This is the reason why I would suggest everyone else to do keep alive the same passion of spreading your knowledge on weekends or during the holidays as well. If you can do so, you can be able to do blogging during the holiday phase as well.

Holidays Might Give you New Ideas

Well, you all might be aware that I usually post topics on SEO, Online Marketing, etc. on this blog, and Self Improvement, Blogging Tips, Relationships blogs on my other blog I News India, but then I am writing on this unusual topic on this blog whose idea came into my mind on holidays only.

The holidays always offer you some out of the box ideas to do blogging, and this itself inspire you to do blogging.

Don’t Forget People are waiting to Hear from You

No matter how popular is your blog, be it a few loyal readers only, still someone somewhere is actually waiting for you to share your views and they will grab it. So during holidays consider giving them a surprise with your blog post.

Don’t Forget Social Media Crowd

Well, in my opinion social media crowd remains more active during weekends or holiday season only. So considering their activities you might plan your content planning. Thus your blog will ultimately get some love from them, and you all know the importance of that in today’s scenario.

Search engine giants like Google, give preferences to the social media likes and shares of your blogs content, so I am quite sure that this fact will inspire you more to do blogging on holidays.

Action Delaying is Bad

Well, to be very precise, if you decided to delay your next blog post just because you are on a holiday trip, it will harm your own image only. Your readers who loves you so much will definitely going to hate it.

Well, I can even write so many things on it, but my little princess is calling me badly to play with her, so I will have to finish this topic just now. Well, one of the most important lines which I can say is that due to my routine life on weekdays it really becomes too hard to write something new, and this is the reason which inspires me more to do blogging on holidays or weekends.

I am not sure how much I got success in inspiring you all to do blogging during the holidays, but you please don’t hesitate in sharing your opinion about this effort of mine. Please do post your opinion in the form of comments below. I will be waiting to hear the same. Going off now to play with my little daughter.

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