10 Useful Firefox Add-ons for Every Blogger!

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There are a lot of Firefox add-ons that are useful for bloggers, so it is difficult to come up with a list that accurately represents what is out there on the market. But, here are ten of the better Firefox add-ons that bloggers and going to find especially useful.

1. Avoid typos

This is a great little add-on because it anticipates common mistakes and then corrects them for you automatically. It is very good for catching common mistakes within links. The missed full stop or slash is corrected so that it fits and it works. It is a handy add-on to have, though you can turn it off if you have to write sometime that includes what may appear like typos that are actually the right words or phrases.

2. SearchStatus

This is an extension that shows you lots of different factors that may be of interest to bloggers, such as the Google PageRank, or which links are nofollow. It can also show you things such as Whois information and backlinks on a page and links from a page. You are able to see the Alexa rank of a website or page that you are visiting. This will allow you to see if it is worth asking to write a guest post for that particular blog.

3. CSS Validator/HTML Validator

CSS Validator is a tool that will validate your pages with the W3C CSS Validator. Such validation is not linked directly with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), but having web content that is up to code with W3C is not a bad thing. At the very least it allows you to avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that could create a bit of a search engine friendly problem. You can see results in another tab so that you do not have to navigate away from your page.

10 Useful Firefox Add-ons for Every Blogger

10 Useful Firefox Add-ons for Every Blogger

4. CoolPreviews

This opens up a window so that you may preview things. If there is a link that may be followed through to anything that may be previewed, then it is done via this add-on. You can preview what is behind a link, or even behind image and video links. It is handy if you do not want to go around loading up every page and link that looks interesting. It gives you an idea first before paying the place a visit.

5. SEO for Firefox

This has a lot of tools that helps you to monitor your SEO on your website and your blog posts. It allows you to see blog metrics and analyze the performance of your blogs as they post every week. You may then optimize your blogs based on what you have seen via the add-on. It comes with rankings from the bigger ranking companies and has keyword help and analysis to help you rise up through the search engine results pages.

6. Copy plain text

This allows you to paste to any document and from any document without an error coming up and without worrying about the formatting on the documents or web pages that you transfer to and from.

7. SeoQuake SEO extension

This is a popular SEO add-on. It allows you to see how your website ranks on search engines of some of the most powerful and popular search engines on the Internet. You can even see information from social media areas too.

8. Firebug

This is a well known Firefox add-on that allows you to play with different development tools. You can browse the tools you want to use. It allows you to develop your HTML and your JavaScript and CSS. You can debug your CSS, monitor it and edit your code, all with the Firebug add-on. There are a lot of development tools that you can use within the Firefox browser itself, which makes it more convenient.

9. Adblock

You have probably heard of a few advert blockers on Firefox. This one holds similar qualities and allows you to block adverts and block malware from being present on the page. It works partly by stopping the adverts attacking your browser in any way, and also stops by making it so that the advert is not there for you to click on and get a virus with.

10. ColorfulTabs

You are able to turn your Firefox into something that is more artistic. It makes your Firefox tabs a little easier to tell apart. It makes the area you are working in more colorful and more decorative and you have control over the decoration. You are given access to a better looking working environment which is great if you are using a content management system on your Firefox browser.

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