Some Basic SEO Tips which you Might Not Ignore for Long Run!

We all know that there are two major ways to get traffic to our website, one is through search engines, especially from Google and the other one is through social media sites.

Becoming viral on social media sites is really difficult, as you need so many things to do so. On the other hand getting the love of Search Engines is not that much difficult, though many people might argue with me on this, as Google is becoming too strict as far as optimization for search engines are concerned.

But, if you ask me I will tell Google is not doing anything wrong in becoming strict towards poor quality websites. After all what would be there credibility if they failed to deliver quality results to their users? Frankly they are known for providing best possible results to the person who is searching for something, and this is the secret behind their popularity as well.

Basic SEO Tips

Basic SEO Tips

So, as far as SEO is concerned, I already have written many posts on it, which I am quite sure you all have gone for, in this blog post I would discuss about a few important things which we normally ignore but are really critical as far as SEO of your website is concerned.

Domain Expiry Date 

One of the most basic thing which we normally did not give importance, but search engines do, is the expiry date of the domain name which you own.

With the help of this search engines decide how serious you are to run a particular website. Always remember that if your domain name will expire in coming few months, Google or any other search engine will consider that you are not that much serious about your business, and you are taking it with casual approach.

On the other hand online business which are serious about their website, normally prefer to book their domain name for a longer duration.

We normally think that search engines would not be interested in this, but in fact they give importance to the expiry date of your domain name as well.

So the conclusion is that domain names registered for long duration is considered as a valuable asset to the owner of the website, and thus search engines gives proper value to it.

 Title Tags 

The most ignored thing I do believe on a website is the title tags of it. In most of the cases you will find the titles like untitled, home, about, my site, etc. on any new website and also on a few sites which come into existence a long ago. Even you can see a single title on many pages of a website.

My suggestion to anyone is that you should not ever ignore making quality and unique title for each of your web page. The very first thing which search engines will see on your website is the title tag itself, also this tag will be displayed on search results too, so you should try to take it as the most important aspect of your website development process.

You can also use keyword rich title tags, but always make sure that these keywords should belong to that particular page as well. Also just to make keyword rich titles don’t try to put keywords on a particular page which has no connection with your keywords. As for an example, your website is selling twitter tools, and you’re about us or contact us page should have the mention of your brand name, not of your primary keywords.

 Uniqueness of Content 

During my 9 years of working experience in SEO industry I realized that unique content is the worst thing as far as the client intention is concerned. They always prefer to copy some text and paste into a new page of their website, as it will save their time and money as well.

To be very frank this is the most illegal things to do in my opinion. I in fact lost one good job too just because I did not supported the idea of copying the content of one website into some other website of their own only.

See, it’s a fact that you might use the things like no index, no follow or canonical tag to justify this, but still if you really want your website to be loved by search engines, then you should ignore doing this.

Always remember, if you are creating a new page on any of your website, it should have something unique in it.

 Alt Tag for Images 

This is something which is usually being ignored by many webmasters. Reason being either they are not aware about it, or they simply ignored the importance of this small but most powerful tag.

Those who ignore this tag are not aware about the image searches. Well, to be very precise there are a huge number of searches made in image tag of Google search.

If you use proper keywords in your alt tags for images, it will have good chance to rank well in those keywords. Through this way too your website will get good number of visitors.

So these were some of the most ignored basic SEO factors, taking care of these things will definitely return you quality results.

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Hope you all will like all these blogs of mine. Please don’t forget to share your opinion about this blog of mine. I will be waiting for your comments on it.

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