How to Do Guest Blogging to Get the Maximum Benefits!

I have always believed that guest blogging, which is the advanced way of article marketing, is one of the best (rather say finest) tools to online marketing industry. I being the owner of a few blogs like I News India, Tech Acid, WordPress Blogs for You, etc. receives around 10-20 mails on a daily basis from people who wanted to contribute their write ups for my site as a guest blog.

I normally respond to each of the mails, and found that around 90% of those who seek for guest blogs offer nothing new to my readers. I usually found that publishing their poor quality blogs will actually harm my website only and will deteriorate the hard earned image of my websites.

Earlier I was a bit reluctant to say No to anyone but now after facing so many poor qualities of guest blogs, I don’t mind in saying a no to them.

As far as guest blogging is concerned, with the downfall of social bookmarking, directory, articles, etc. sites, guest blogging becoming too popular, and spammers thought that they can also utilize this medium as they did with others. The only concern was how to impress the blog owners?

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They started making some impressive emails and send it to mass, they don’t even check the quality of the websites to which they are offering to post their guest blog, they even published the same guest blog in more than one websites, they even prefer to spin one article to make as many articles as possible to spoil the benefits of guest blogging. Don’t forget to read another blog of mine on Top 10 Benefits of Guest Blogging!

Does all these technique works?

Well, up to an extent yes, as the site owner who is not that much conscious about the quality of their website, and what they are offering, will obviously accept their offers. The webmasters, who are not getting the time to publish posts on their blog, like me obviously, would also love to post any posts which they will receive.

Does it mean that if you are not getting the time to write a blog post and publish it on your website, will compromise on the quality of the site?

Well, a strict no from my side.

I might wait for a month to write a quality blog myself than publishing a few poor quality blogs in between. I will only allow a post to appear on my blogs only when I myself read the blog and found it a bit interesting, a blog which might provide some useful information to the readers of my blogs.

How to Do Guest Blogging to Get the Maximum Benefits by Alok Vats!

How to Do Guest Blogging to Get the Maximum Benefits by Alok Vats!

Here are a few blogs on guest blogging written by me, which might help you to understand it quickly:

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Matt Cutt’s concern About Guest Blogging Spam

Matt Cutt who is the head of the anti-spam team of Google, recently displayed his concern about the spamming portion of this beautiful feature guest blogging. As per him, Google is going to be strict against those who are spamming guest blogging, and as per him people should always follow some basic rules which will help guest blogging to return the maximum benefits to you and your business.

How to Do Guest Blogging?

Well we all actually know how to do guest blogging, but to get the maximum positive results from it we need to follow a few quality guidelines, here are those (as per my own opinion):

  • Take one website at a time.
  • Do check the quality of that particular website.
  • Do study of the posts which the expected host website is publishing.
  • Now prepare a special mail, especially written from the perspective of that particular website only. Suggest a few topics depending on your research on which you can prepare a good quality post.
  • Always share some links of the guest posts which you did in the past.
  • It is also better to share your Google+ profile, Facebook profile, Twitter handle, or LinkedIn profile in the mail.
  • Send this mail to the same site only. Don’t use this mail to send to different site owners.
  • Try to build a personal relationship with the website owner, if you can get any IM id of the site owner, try to connect with the same.
  • Once you received the positive confirmation from the site owner, let’s start focusing on writing a very good quality blog.
  • Always remember, if you don’t like what you yourself have written, it is quite sure that others will also not like it. So do write what you have written, read it once, check if it has some error, and then only share it with the site owner, if you yourself found it a bit interesting.

Thus, I am quite sure that you will start getting the maximum benefits of the guest blogging. I know that this is a lengthy process, but it is always worth to give so much effort for it. As per Google, they hate links, but they don’t hates quality links to your website and as per the quality standard of the Google, these links will never harm your website, if followed in a very proper manner.

Don’t forget to share your opinion about this blog of mine, you can go to the comments section and post a comment about it over there. I will definitely wait for it.

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