How to Get More Traffic to Your Website!

Traffic is the most essential parameters for the success count of a website. A lucrative website is the one which gets more traffic to it. And especially if your website is having the free traffic, especially if your website get it from the internet giant Google, then it’s considered as huge.

It does not matter, if your site is too good looking, having awesome features or provide great services, but what matters the most is the number of traffic which it gets. Through advertisements anyone can be able to get visitors but what about to get visitors through search engines?

You all know the basics of search engine optimization, popularly known as SEO. We all know that we can be able to get good number of visitors through SEO, but how? SEO need to be emphasized on your website, and simply you guys can also do follow these basic things on your site.

How can we analyze if a website is getting the decent traffic? Well, in my opinion a website is doing fairly good if it is getting traffics in hundreds on daily basis. Reaching to a level of 100 unique visitors a day is not that much easy, there are fairly less number of websites in this world which gets 100 visitors a day. Please note I am talking about 100 UV daily and that too from free sources, not from the paid one.

Well, you need free and qualified (targeted one) traffic.

How to Get More Traffic to Your Website!

How to Get More Traffic to Your Website!

How to Get More Traffic to Your Website?

Through Search Engine Optimization, get plenty of free and targeted traffic to your website.

Content for Search Engines

Well, search engines say that you should develop your website considering the requirements of the visitors, but not of the search engines. Quite simple one, but it’s not true.

You need to prepare the content of your website considering the likes of search engines as well. You cannot simply think about the likes of your visitors alone, but you will have to think about the likes of search engines as well.

So to be concise, you need to write your content in a way that it should be liked by your visitors as well as by the search engines, especially following all the search engine recommendations as well.

Keep these things in mind while creating content for your website:

  • Content is the king, write great content, though do not stuff them with keywords only.
  • Always keep in mind the search terms relevant to your content.
  • Use them properly, but don’t overuse them.
  • Consider putting those keywords in Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords section in a manner that they won’t look like as spam.
  • Never ever try to cheat search engines with the help of your content.

How to Prepare Content?

Always remember one thing, when you do sleep, your website remain available to the world and speaks from your side. Your business might sleep for some hours, but your website wont. Your website content is actually your advertisement, which you put without putting any unnecessary expenses as well.

Thus always try to put extra effort in preparing content for your website, or blog too.

You can simply follow these steps to prepare content for your website or blog:

  • You can use your title in H1 headings.
  • Apply other subheadings like h2, h3, h4, etc. to well structure your post.
  • Try to give points in bullets; this will organize your post in a good manner.
  • You can also put point’s wise discussion.
  • If you are putting any links in between the content, make the anchor text relevant to what it links.
  • Always try to put an image in between the content, and never forget to put the alt text for that as well. If you cannot be able to create a quality image, you can simply choose a blank image and put the title of your website and make an image of the same, this is what I prefer doing in most of the cases.

While preparing content try to put wise keywords in it. Don’t try to stuff them, let them come naturally and I am sure search engines will like it.

Is this Enough?

Well not exactly. These things are only a small part of getting traffic to your websites; you need to do more about getting those visitors.

Social Media & Bookmarking

Those things are an example of doing ON page optimization, but then you again need to go for promoting your content as well. For this social media sites like FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. plays a major role. As I mentioned it in the past as well that these days search engines prefer that if a person came to your site and like the content of your site, so he/she will definitely like and share them in their social networking groups. Thus, if a person is doing so, search engines will be able to calculate the popularity of that page.

Thus once your content is read, do share them in your social networking, try to create and manage a FaceBook and Google+ page for your website and a twitter handle too, and share your new page over there. This way those who are already following your website over there will surely see it and like it.

Also don’t forget to share your newly generated content in some good quality social bookmarking websites, it will give them another boost and your site will become more popular in search engines.

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