How Can we Use Social Media for Education System?

During last few months, I focused on SEO, latest updates and happenings in the field of search engine optimization and a few posts on blogging tips. In between I was also instrumental in developing the search engine optimization company, and I was busy in redesigning the site over there, which eventually I created in WordPress only and establishing blog over there.

When I was writing my previous blog on Google Penalties, one topic came into my mind, and it was on social media, and how can we use social media for our education system. I kept the topic aside for a few days as I was busy with above site.

Well social media and their uses are increasing day by day in our life. We are seeing that young generation is running towards Tweeting, Liking, and Sharing. Teens are crazy for FaceBook. They are actually spending more time than their studies on FB only. Other than FaceBook, teens are also crazy about Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and other social networking sites.

It gives them immense pleasure to share their pictures over there and then to receive likes and comments from friends. There doesn’t seems to be an end of all this. Rather it’s increasing day by day.

You will be surprised to know that social media is now the ideal place for school and college goers. Not only students, but teachers are also enjoying the charm of social media. I was surprised to see the FaceBook page of my school, made by one of the teacher of the school. A few years back I never assumed that I can be able to see my school on FB page.

Social Media For Education System

Social Media For Education System

Well, with the growth of the use of mobile phones students are becoming more and more tech savvy and social media users. Most of the students are using social media sites, who are having the access of internet, either through their mobile phones or through PC.

To your surprise majority of students talk about education topics and school work only in social media. Apart from sharing their pictures, they use to talk about their school projects only.

This is a clear indication that it is high time to go for social media for our education system. It should be implemented in the curriculum of the schools and colleges.

*The most popular social networking tools in school are FaceBook, YouTube and Skype.

Benefits of Including Social Media in Curriculum

Social media will surely increase the communication between students, teacher and the parents. Here are some of the benefits of including social media in education system:

Benefits of Students

The major benefits of including social media will flow towards students only. It will impact majorly the school activities of the students. Social media will influence their school activities and guide them to understand the benefits of the team work. It will surely teach them to learn collaboration, which is highly required in the professional life later.

Social media, if used properly, will definitely guide students to become a good citizenship, and increase the academic as well as educational networking amongst them.

Use of social media in schools and colleges will stimulate students towards discussion, in fact the group discussion, engagement and develop better understanding of the problems. It will develop them as more responsible, and reputable persons.

One of the major benefits which I can think about using social media for studies is that it can develop the positive attitude towards the use of technology.

The social media will definitely increase the communication skills of the students.

Benefits of Teachers

Well, social media will develop the professional community of the teachers. It will encourage the collaboration amongst them. It will help them to remain connected with their students in a more positive way.

Social media will definitely help teachers to exchange ideas, information, and best practices, which will further help students to gain many things.

Social media will also give the exposure to technology based ideas to teachers, and thus students will also learn them easily.

Benefits of Parents

Overall if anything new, which will benefit students and teachers, will definitely benefit the parents only. The use of social media will definitely allow parents to track the progress of their kids. It will also increase the communication between them.

With the help of social media, parents can also involve in the classroom and the curriculum of the batch.

How to Use Social Media

Well, as far as implementing social media in education system is concerned, it can be used in these many ways:


Every class rooms can have the blogs of their own, in which teacher, students and parents can also share their own experiences. It can be read by all, and gives them some new ideas.

Development of blog by classes, or schools will develop the writing ability amongst them. The students can learn how to express their thoughts, and share their opinions.

It can enhance the feelings of the part of a community amongst students.

FaceBook Page

A FaceBook page is also one of the finest ideas which can connect students, their parents and teachers. The page can be managed by teachers, but students can also post. Teachers can post the homework assignments over there which will be seen by students and parents, thus parents can be able to view the progress made by their kids.

As I mentioned above that I was happy to see the page made for my school, I am sure every student will like the idea of having FB page of their classroom, and it will definitely increase the feeling of community in them.

Other than the FB page and blogs, students can also participate through twitter and Pinterest accounts.

*Teachers can also plan some competitions like most interesting blog of the month/week and distribute some prizes amongst them.

I guess all these points are fair enough to include the social media in curriculum of the schools and colleges. Do share your views and opinions on this topic in the form of comments.

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