Penguin 4 or Penguin 2.0 Rolled Out – What Should We Expect Next in SEO!

A few days back when Matt Cutts announced about what we should expect next in SEO, Google is planning to launch the latest update of Penguin, a completely new generation of spam fighting algorithm, it created pain in many hearts of webmasters.

You will be surprised to know that when Matt announced that Penguin 2.0 is coming, which is in fact the Penguin 4, I clearly saw panic in many people’s attitude, who are working in the field of SEO or those who are still involved with some of the spamming activities for the websites for which they are working for.

Last night one of my friends ping me at around mid-night and informed me that one of his sites is now out of the search rankings. Out of sudden I realized that Google must have launched the latest Penguin update, and it was a fact, as I checked the blog of Matt Cutts that Penguin 4 or Penguin 2.0 is officially rolled out now. You can also check his blog at this place:

Frankly since the day one when Google rolled out Penguin 1 on 24th April 2012 it created panic in the world of webmasters. This affected around 3.1% of the queries throughout the globe. Since then Google launched two more updates on Penguin but those were quite small changes, and impacted very few sites.

This is the reason why Matt calls this major release as Penguin 2.0 rather than calling it as Penguin 4. This is an update which can impact around 2.3% of queries throughout the globe. You can expect some major changes in the search results in coming days.

What Should We Expect Now?

Frankly, if you ask me, I will say that Google is now following the original quality guidelines strictly. As per Matt, it is always better to put focus on making your site as good as possible for your visitors, provide them whatever they are looking for, and update your sites with more meaningful and informative content on a regular interval.

Other than these using all those spammy things to promote your site is over now. Those who are still doing Link Exchange, Article Submission or Directory Submissions, or similar types of low value activities to building link for their sites, are needed to change their way.

Those who missed the latest video of Matt for what is coming up in term of SEO, here is the same:

I will come up with some more details about these updates of Google in coming days.

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