5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Developing Your Blog!

As we all know dedication is something which is always required for the success of your blog. Other than dedication, regularity and importance of the write-up which you are writing also matters too much behind the success of the blog.

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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Developing Your Blog!

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Developing Your Blog!

As you all know that Search Engine Optimization, popularly known as SEO plays a vital role behind the success of your blog. Still many people have misconception about how they can start a blog. Here are a few mistakes which we all should always avoid while starting a new blog:

Free Blogs

Many people consider blog as a free platform, it’s true as well, but creating free blogs are not at all a good idea. There are many blogging tools like blogspot or which normally provides the option of creating free blogs, and many people use them too. The problem with these free blogs is that people sometimes don’t take them seriously, as they consider that it is a free blog. They don’t care to click on link in search engine result pages which are targeting some free blog.

So in my opinion opting free blog is the worst idea to begin with. Always opt for a self hosted domain name and host them on a proper server, and use tools like wordpress to generate your blog. If you too really want to own a blog, but don’t know how to do it, you can contact me for the same.

Duplicate Content

One of the worst things which many people follow is using the duplicate content on their own blog. Willingly or unwillingly, many people do the same; they copy some nicely written content from some other site and post it on their own blog. This is completely unethical and search engines highly dislike this activity.

My advice for this case is that, if you want to develop a good blog, then you will have to invest too much on the content of the blog. You will have to put serious efforts towards creating content for your blog, as they will generate your identity.

Automated Tags

Many people do this mistake of using automated tags for your blog. Many people also don’t give much importance for tags. In my opinion we should optimize tags in a proper manner so that they can rank well in search engines. Sometimes you will find that for a particular search you can find your tag page in the search results.

Also always put most important and relevant keywords in the tag field. While publishing the blog, you should yourself take care of the tags of your post.

Also please try to put around 12-15 tags only (maximum) in a blog post.

Aiming for Page Rank

For some people Page Rank of your blog matters a lot, for me it’s useless to have a PR value. The important thing is that your blog should provide informative stuffs to its readers.

Many a time people who aims for the PR go for some stuffs like buying links from high PR pages, which is not good and disliked by search engines.

So I would suggest everyone to not think about having a Page Rank, rather you can consider about how you can increase the reader base of your blog.

Less Content

Many bloggers do this mistake of providing too less information about the blog post. I am not saying here that writing long-long write ups are the only thing which you can call as good stuff; rather you can provide all the relevant information required for the topic in the post.

The blog post should always reveal around the title for which it has written for. It should not deviate from the discussion. It should have all the relevant information about the same, if you are feeling short of words then you can chose images, or videos to illustrate the same.

Many people discuss with me about the ideal length of a blog post, I normally think that a blog post with around 600+ words is good enough.

In my opinion above mentioned five points are something which are most commonly mistaken by many budding bloggers. These are something which can hugely affect the success and ranking of your blog, so it is always advisable to avoid following.

Please share your thought about the points in the form of comment.

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