How to Survive the Google Penguin Update?

A few days back, while I was writing about the top 5 qualities which can generate quality content, I mentioned that I will come up with a new blog on Google’s Penguin update. Although I was too busy with so many things on last few days, but still I thought I should write down something on this recent update of Google, which is actually threatening many of the internet marketers and web business owners.

Those who are not aware about Google Penguin update, let me give a brief idea to them first. For those whose business was/is running on the search traffic from the major search engine Google, you must be either aware about the Google Penguin update or you should know about it.

Google Penguin update is a new ranking update by the search engine giant Google, which came into effect on 24th of April 2012. Basically, Penguin update, or the Panda update which came earlier from this, or freshness update, are an effort by Google to rectify the search results, and clear the websites from the SERP which anyways indulge with any unethical activities, or are having no value for quality, and providing no quality to the visitors.

How to Survive the Google Penguin Update?

Basically, I am still remembering the days when I joined the internet marketing era. It was late 2004, when I first came to know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and since then I saw many changes in the field of web. Frankly, all these changes are an effort by Google to provide the quality results to the visitors. After all, this is why people use to come to Google.

But if you ask me, then I would suggest you all that nothing has changed. Google will never penalty the quality websites. Those who are doing fine with the basics of SEO and having the site created as per the basic webmaster guidelines issued by Google, will never see any downfall in the traffic from the search engine, and will never face any penalty too. These updates are bad for those who are involved with any kind of bad activity to promote their site and to reach to the top of the search engine result page (SERP).

Coming back to Google Penguin update, I have seen some panic in the world of web, once this update came into effect. For me it was not surprising. I have seen a growth in un-knowledgeable guys tackling the websites, and just because they are cheaper, website owners don’t hesitate to hand over their websites to those guys. Do the website owners ever feel how their website reached to the top rankings without providing any quality things related to those particular keywords?

Frankly, I have seen a few website owners who came to me for doing the SEO of their website. When I discussed the charges with them, they told me that particular company is giving us the package of something quarter to your quoted price. Well, I usually don’t ask them to review the quality which I would provide to them, rather I say them, if you are feeling comfortable with them, and then let’s go with them only. They use to prefer the same, and what results at the end they got? Nothing.

Just after this Panda update, four website owners came back to me that their website is out of the results. What was more surprising to them that they can’t even find their own website with the search for the domain name of the website too.  When they came to me, I checked their traffic go down to the level of zero (except a few visits, which might be done by them only) and I said thank you very much, it is great that you people remembered me, but I am sorry, I am not going to work for you.

The same happened after the Penguin update too, many of the site owners whom I know personally lost the ranking of their websites. Frankly speaking, this is showing that people use to do SEO of the website with some unfair means.

Actually this Penguin update penalized the sites which over optimized their website. It also penalized the websites which created excessive links, with no value for content on their own website. Those who tried to fool search engines with the help of deceptive doorway pages, penalized by Google with Penguin update. Those websites too got penalized which preferred lots of keyword stuffing.

Other than these Google also penalized the websites which use to publish lots of meaningless content, just to get the visitors from the search engines. Basically I am happy with this Google update, as it closed the door on the face of those ugly websites which either copied the content written by someone else, or did any sort of wrong work, which basically don’t comply with the Google webmaster SEO guidelines.

Basically my suggestion to all those who got affected due to the Google Penguin updates is to follow the basic guidelines properly, and try to put quality in the content which you are publishing. You can follow the qualities of the good content, which I mentioned in my previous post. Also try not to over use the keywords in your post. Try to post fresh and informative content on your website and it will automatically get the love from the search engines like Google.

That’s all about the Google Penguin update for the moment, hope you will like it. If your website got affected due to this Penguin update then you can also contact me, let’s see what results I can bring for your website. Always remember, you should not think about saving a few bucks, at the coast of losing the complete traffic and ranking of your website. I will write the next blog on the basics of search engine optimization, which can help you to get the most of the work done by yourself only, without needing any help from the SEO experts like me ;) Keep tuning till then.

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