7 Important Blogging Questions & Answers for All Bloggers!

Whether you are an experienced blogger or you are planning to start a blog; here are a few questions which you might face before you start a blog. The answer to these questions can only be answered by you only, but I tried to explain them a bit here:

Question number one: What is the Purpose of my Blog?
The most important question that can be asked to every blogger is the purpose of their blog. You should have the clear idea about the purpose which your blog will serve. It is always difficult to travel when you don’t know the direction, so the answer to the question number one should always be clear in your mind.

Question number two: Who will read my Blog?
If you will ask me this question I will have the response “everyone”, but it’s not true. Every blog should have a unique target audience base, and the blogger will have to serve them. Before starting the blog you should know about the target visitors of your blog.

Question number three: What kind of Information people want to read on my Blog?
Basically, you should cover all the information related to your niche, so that anyone who is coming to your blog should get all the relevant and latest information about the topic.

Question number four: Can I Earn from my Blog?
One of the most important thinking of every blogger is to earn from their blog, while I will suggest you all not to think about this question at the beginning. First, concentrate completely on developing a great blog, which can serve its purpose and provide the information’s to the targeted audience. Then only think about earning money from your blog.

Question number five: How can I Earn from my Blog?
As I said many people think about earning from their blog even before starting the blog. And, as I mentioned above we should not think about earning before making the perfect blog. One your blog get recognition, then you can consider about earning from different means. There are many options available in the online world, through which you can earn from your blog. Google Adsense is one of the most trusted ways to earn from your blog; I will recommend it to all.

Question number six: How is my Blog different from other Blogs?
Big question, you should know about it from the very beginning. If you won’t be able to provide some unique facility to your readers then it will be a waste to create blog. It will waste your time too, as well as the time of the visitors too.  You should always ask yourself that why would people read or come to my blog instead of others. If you can have the answer, then only you can become a successful blogger.

Question number seven: What can I do to get Visitors?
Very simple, you should always focus to provide useful and latest information about your niche and the visitors will automatically increase. You can also try a bit of Search Engine Optimization, or a bit of Social Media Optimization, so that you can get the visitors, but remain focus around providing more and more content on your blog.

There can be even more questions, but these are some of the most common questions which we need to face before starting the blogging. If you do have some other questions, or answers to these questions then please quote the same in the form of comment.

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