Choosing the Right Mobile Device!

With so much choice on offer when it comes to buying a new gadget it can be tricky deciding on the right one to meet your requirements. The laptop has long been the ideal computing choice if you have a wide variety of chores in mind, thanks to the recent spate of laptop deals, the decent specifications, practical screen sizes and a full keyboard layout they were always the device of choice.

However, more recently things have become a lot more interesting thanks to the advent of the tablet computer. While netbooks were starting to replace laptops in many cases, lots of people are now discovering the potential of the tablet instead of any kind of conventional computing gadget.

What started it?

Without doubt, the Apple iPad was the gadget that got the ball rolling in the tablet marketplace. Not only was it the first, the handheld device is backed up by an enviable mountain of apps that allow users to boost the functionality of their tablet. Not only that, the iPad is well made and beautifully designed, even though the original incarnation had its flaws.

However, since the iPad 2 was unveiled, the tablet has become a huge seller while at the same time it has inspired a stack of rival tablets from manufacturers around the globe. In that respect, the advent of the tablet computer has been a revolution for consumers, because you’ve now got a choice of devices that run a variety of operating systems.

Which one to buy?

So which one do you buy? Well, the good news is that you can pick a tablet with an operating system of your choice. If you’re a fan of the Google Android operating system, for example, then a tablet armed with that OS will deliver no-nonsense performance and durability, while also offering a range of apps from the Android Market.

In fact, it’s the apps side of things that makes the whole tablet concept increasingly appealing, because it’s these add-on programs and software that make them all the more useful for a variety of uses. While a laptop or netbook is fine for day-to-day computing tasks, the sheer variety of apps on the market means that a tablet can be customised to carry out all manner of different tasks.

Pros and cons of apps

While apps can transform your computer task list, it has to be said that many rival tablet devices leave rather less to be desired when it comes to overall quality of the software. One of the main benefits of the App Store from Apple is that all of its listings are carefully approved beforehand. There are lots more of them too. While it is possible to download apps for other tablet operating systems from a variety of sources, it’s this core quality control that makes the iPad one of the best when it comes to computing on the move.

And, adding to that is the high fun quota offered by the gaming angle on an iPad thanks to its potent processor power and top-level graphics. As an all-rounder then, it’s a pretty hard one to beat on most counts.

This Guest Post was contributed by Rob Clymo, who writes on behalf of, the online consumer portal for researching offers from broadband providers UK and the latest choices in netbooks, tablets and smartphones.

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