4 Different Types of Broadband Technology

Decades ago analogue internet technologies such as “dial-up” internet are all the rage. Then, very few people believe information can be accessed from anywhere in the world and it was really a great achievement to have a dial-up internet connection in your home. Today, there are various forms of internet technology you can choose from and broadband technology is the best form of internet technology.

Broadband internet is characterized by several features, some of which include: speed, accessibility, reliability, portability and consistency. This article will be talking about 4 different forms of broadband technology that have these qualities.

1. Fiber Optic

Fiber optic is a very fast and reliable form of broadband internet and it is presently the fastest. A fiber optic connection can give you speeds as high as 100gbps (100 gigabytes per second) and even though it is one of the oldest forms of internet connection it is widely used all over the world because of its numerous features.

Broadband Technology

2. DSL

Also known as Digital Subscriber Line, DSL internet is also a great and reliable form of broadband internet connection. It is mostly known for its ease of use and security.

A DSL connection is linked to your phone line and unlike other forms of internet connection you don’t need any external hardware to use it. A DSL connection is also always available and that is why it is referred to as “always on”.

3. Cable Internet

Another solid form of broadband internet is a cable internet connection. It is also a reliable form of internet connection and it has a strong service availability irrespective of your location or the physical/atmospheric conditions. A cable internet connection is linked to a TV cable service and since a cable service is always available you don’t have to worry about network outage.

Cable internet is also one of the fastest forms of broadband internet connection.

4. Wireless Broadband

Another great and major form of broadband internet connection is the wireless broadband connection. It is also similar to other forms of broadband connection but it is wireless and it makes it easy for you to access the internet using your wireless computer or portable device as long as there is network signal.

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