How To Get Traffic To Your Blog Via LinkedIn Answers!

LinkedIn Answers is one of the social networks where your website can get a lot of natural traffic from. It is a site where people from all walks of life can post their questions and anybody can post in answers with links to product and services related to the question stated.

LinkedIn Answers

Answering relevant questions in LinkedIn Answers related to your website, products and services can attract natural traffic to your site. It can also produce a good number of links and can add to your link building campaign strategies.

There are many ways on how you can use LinkedIn to drive in traffic for your site. The most popular way to do so is to create a new blog post in response to a specific question in LinkedIn Answers.

On this site, the usual poster will simply post a straight answer to one of the questions. To give your answer more impact and relevance, what you can do is to create a blog post relating to one of the questions in LinkedIn Answers.

Your blog post should be as detailed and as profound as you can make it to be. It should contain correct information and it would be even better if you can post references and pictures that can better answer the question posted in LinkedIn Answers.

Once you created a blog post, that’s the right time you can post your answer with a quick summary of your post. Make sure that you let other readers know that you created a detailed post about the question at hand on your blog. This is the best time where you place your link in your answer post.

Make sure to use web resources link to direct readers to your blog post. Since you cannot place a linkable text in the Answer field, remember to place the link to your blog post in the web resources entry.

A quick tip, be sincere and truthful in posting your answers in LinkedIn. You should genuinely want to help readers find the answers to their questions. If you do so, you are sure to drive in lots of natural traffic to your blog in no time.

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