Collaboration with Adobe and the Open Screen Project!

According to Bill Coughran, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Google, their team has been constantly working with Adobe guys for the past do many years now. He further elaborated that some of their extremely vital projects demand integration with Adobe’s technologies. Some of the projects include YouTube, Chrome, to name a few.

In addition, the team of Google is always involved in various innovations every single second. Be it coming out with innovations, collaborations, and accepting various challenges on a regular basis, the team of Google never stays behind in coming out with new deviations! That is why the name is GOOGLE!

Bill Coughran further said that their team is constantly on the verge of exchanging new ideas and tips and work on each others efforts to come out with best results.

In his recent blog, he confirmed the news of joining Adobe’s Open Screen Project. This collaboration would prove extremely beneficial, especially for the developers who make use of the Flash program. Bill confirmed that developers would be able to design content across various screens and that would further help them in enhancing their overall experience.

Bill elaborated that it is their trust that Open Platforms would lead to more and more innovations that will indeed lead to growth! He further stated his excitement in working with Adobe’s team and taking the whole concept a step further! Perhaps that is what we call growth in Web development!

I am personally looking forward to more and more recent updates by Google as any news by the same excites me a lot, more than anyone who is benefited from it. Probably it’s my love for technology!

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