Microsoft Office on Nokia Mobile Phones!

On one hand a Texas court has banned Microsoft from selling any Word products like Microsoft Word 2003, Microsoft Word 2007, or any future version of MS Word in US due to some XML patent issue (Big Blow to The Microsoft – US Banned Microsoft from Selling Word), while on the other hand Microsoft is going to announce an alliance with Nokia Mobiles that from now on Microsoft Office will remain available on Nokia Mobile Phones.

Microsoft Office

Thus from now on you can even enjoy your works while you are on a move, with the help of your Nokia Mobile Phone you can easily access your Word documents, along with the Excel files and PowerPoint presentations. Thus Microsoft is providing you an option through which you can always remain in touch with your office during your off time too.

It is one sort of smart move for the gadget lovers generation. The life of this X-generation is really reaching to their palm now, with the help of mobile phone only they can perform the task which so far they do on the PC or on their notebook. Thus technology is really spreading. Very soon Microsoft and Nokia are becoming an official partner to each other.

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