How Technology can Screw Up Someone!

We use technology in our daily life… Technology has been helpful for the most part; it makes our lives better, technology is great… Blah blah blah… No offense but i m just too tired of this kind of stuff. This doesn’t mean that I hate technology… I love technology which makes our lives easier and better. I too spent my most of the time on computers playing games, surfing and chatting online, listening music on IPod etc… But every good thing got a dark side too. Sometimes technology p*** me off!

How Technology can Screw Up Someone!

How Technology can Screw Up Someone!

1) Your Parents keeps on asking about using technical things:

Okay, I m the biggest victim of technology… Its looks like all the parents enjoy irritating their teenage kids and their young sons and daughters. They keep on asking how to add contacts in mobile, how to send SMS, how to see Messages and reply back to them, using computers etc… Its good to see that parents now-a-days are trying to cope up new generation by showing their interest in technical stuff… But still it’s very irritating to answer all these easy things… so Dear parents, it’s okay if you can’t send message without looking at the mobile or if you can’t use mail… We still love you… Please don’t ruin it by trying so hard…

If you still need a trouble, Gift a Linux based Operating system to your parents… This will make your parents busy as well as yourself too…

2) Your Son hacks into your proud dirty video collection:

Kids now-a-day are too smart. They know more than you when it comes to computers and technology… You have been downloading dirty videos from a long time and saving it with password protection… Until one day, your kid hacks into your great video collection… He now gives a looks of “I see what you did there”. That looks kill you like hell… with a guilty feeling. Your life now looks like a burden… However it would be funnier if the dad founds out that his son is a great owner of p*** sites and Dad himself is downloading these great movies from his son’s websites. A 16 yrs old kid is an owner of 18+ websites!!

3) Your spouse is now an in-built satellite:

Now, we have a new tool for insecurity called “TECHNOLOGY”. Your Spouse has installed a Trojan and spyware for having a watch on you… Hackers are getting more and more richer… as more and more people hiring them to hack into mail. He or she uses mobiles to call you in every minute for checking the current status of his or her spouse… in short total disaster… It would be funny that if you are cheating… and your spouse is watching your live Sex Entertainment… Well Again, we sell Sex tapes… get rich… like a celebrity (e.g. Paris Hilton)…

4) Girls on social sites are not girls often:

We all know Girl Spam rocks… Many Guys enjoy making profile in the name of girl (I don’t know what kind of pleasure or enjoyment they get from this act… and I am not even interested in knowing). They make Profile and keep a beautiful profile picture (Profile picture = their fun trap). You keep on wasting your time flirting with them until that girl (who is a guy) says that she is not she, she is he. According to some experienced social site Users (say digg users) there are no girls on Internet..

5) Your Mom knows whom you are flirting with:

Parents are now joining social sites like facebook to know how it feels to manage social sites for teenagers. Now, it hard for us to flirt with girls… they interfere again and again… There are many victims… for e.g. see this Parents as I said before enjoy irritating their teenage kids. It is so embarrassing to see that mom is saying that “son, so this is the girl… you have been flirting with”. And many more embarrassing messages.. ‘Wall to wall’ becomes ‘calls to mom’. So the moral of the Story: Never adds mom in your facebook…

6) You mailed something that you shouldn’t:

You are tired of jobs… and freaking bosses who are always busy yelling at your work no matter how you do good… You mailed that” My Boss is a moron… a f***** bast**d etc etc… to your boss instead of one of your office gossip mate… ah… I know… Gmail added undo sent… but its now too late… You cant help it… The trouble begins as you are so unlucky that you are not using gmail.

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