Top 1,000,000 sites according to Alexa!

As we all know that Alexa is a company which ranks different websites as according to their traffic details. Here are the top 10 sites according to them:

Number 1 is Yahoo ( The site popularly known for its mail, chat, directory and search engine.

Number 2 is Google ( The site popularly known for its search engine. World’s number 1 search engine.

Number 3 is YouTube ( YouTube is the best way to share your videos with the people who matter for you.

Number 4 is Windows Live ( Live is the search engine from Microsoft.

Number 5 is Facebook ( A social site which connects the people. You can manage your photos and friends easily.

Number 6 is Microsoft Network or MSN ( Portal of Microsoft, mainly used as a search engine and content provider.

Number 7 is Myspace ( One more social networking site.

Number 8 is Wikipedia ( One of the finest site of the world, you can use it as an Encyclopedia.

Number 9 is Blogger ( Free site which provide the option of creating personal and topical weblogs.

Number 10 is again Yahoo ( Yahoo in Japanese Language.

This way Alexa has huge rankings of websites. Recently they came with the downloaded version of the list of top 1,000,000 global website. To download the website list of 10th December 2008, please click here.

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