Few tips to make an attractive website!

Do you want people to browse through your website instead of closing the site the moment they set their eyes on it?

You should remember that nowadays people don’t have either time or patience to read an epic before they can understand the crux of your story. So try to add as many images as possible, but be sure that the images depict your point of view effectively and artistically. This doesn’t mean that you have to eliminate every bit of text from your web page. Text and pictures should be so placed that they complement each other and send the message across instantly.

Try to keep the web page elegant by using similar related colors and font sizes. Use contrasting colors, as they will appeal to the reader’s vision and pop out of the page. However, do not use too many different colors as the effect of the variation decreases. Don’t try to mess up the page by making it overly colorful. Using one or two font sizes is enough to make it look good. Anything beyond that might make it look gaudy. Color scheme should be such that it appeals to the eyes and not distract the viewers. Don’t use very loud and jazzy colors as the main background colors. These colors might look good for a funky site, not for an informative or serious site.

Try to use related links and thumbnails as much as possible. It becomes very convenient to dig into the news or information given on the web page if it’s associated with links providing related information. This increases interest in your information as you have provided the full trail to trace all the related links and pages.

Give special attention to your headlines. Headlines should be punchy to catch the attention of any one visiting your site. Many a time’s people devote some extra time than they had intended just because they are mesmerized by a catchy headline.

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