Is SEO Really Becoming Obsolete!

A few days back I write about is SEO becoming more difficult after Panda and Penguin updates and I was surprised to see the responses of other bloggers about it. I received a few mails concerning with the current situation in the world of SEO.

After reading all those reactions I analyzed that the current scenario in which Google is updating it’s algorithm on a regular basis, and strictly forcing all the ethical things on the webmasters, many people are considering that SEO (search engine optimization) is really becoming obsolete.

What Exactly Was SEO?

SEO means doing the optimization of your website, so that it can rank well for the keywords for which it was meant for, and thus to increase the visibility of the site and ultimately the visitors to the website.

There was two ways to do so, one part was meant as On Page SEO, which includes the stuffs which we do on our own website, like designing, content, Meta tags, etc. While on the other hand there was one more portions involved with the SEO and it was the Off Page SEO, which basically includes doing stuffs which can be helpful in building links for your website.

Off Page SEO was something which involved in the way of article marketing, blogs, press releases, putting comments on other sites, etc. through which we can be able to build back links to our website.

There were some people who were involved with some unethical things too to promote their website, and increase ranking. It also includes the thing like building Reciprocal Links, for which Google was strictly against.

What Does Google Want?

One common question which comes in every second person’s mind was what Google wants. The actual response to this question is that they want quality, quality of the pages which their users will click after searching. If they cannot be able to provide the relevant stuffs to the users who are searching for something then it will be counted as the failure of themselves only.

If you are familiar with the changes happening during last few years, you must be aware that Google’s prime focus is on users. They want to provide the most relevant and informative content to the user who were looking for the same and will like them as well.

So does it mean that SEO is dead now?

Obviously No.

With recent algorithm updates made by Google, it’s a clear indication that they are strictly returning to the basics. The most simple fundamentals of doing SEO was to build website as per the need of the users, and build it in the way that they are compelled to like it.

In the world of SEO now the likes and share matters the most.

New Approach towards SEO

If you ask me then I can confirm that neither the SEO is dead, nor it is going to dead ever. It will always remain the same, and it is to provide the useful stuff to the users.

The basics of SEO have not at all changed, and it is quite simple, you need to design the site in a very interactive way, and provide the rich, informative content in it. Content was always the king and would remain the same.

The only approach which has changed during recent time is of links to your website. Earlier links were considered as a vote to your site, but now Google (and other search engines as well) has realized that if a person (who is real) want to vote for a site then he will definitely do the same with the help of his/her social media profiles. Search engines are now thinking that social media signals cannot be fake, as links were.

Though in my opinion social media trends can also be fake, we will discuss about them later.

The bottom line is that with time people must need to change their approach, and now they should focus on providing relevant, informative, shareable content to the users, which can compel the users to like them and share as well.

My Suggestion

It is time to think in a more real way, and follow the real approach. It cannot be possible that you created a page on your site and everybody started giving link to it, unless you are as big as Google or Microsoft. If it is happening then it must be fake.

In case of social media the chances of fake votes are less compared to the previous one, thus instead of focusing on getting more and more likes and shares, my advice is to invest more and more on the reliability and trustworthiness of the content, which you are providing. Thus you can give the valuable content to the user, which in a way will contribute for a community and will be beneficial for them.

Don’t hesitate to share your opinion about the same, you can share your opinion in the form of comment or mail to me.

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