Is SEO Becoming More Difficult After Panda and Penguin Updates?

During 2012, Google introduced many algorithm updates, different updates of Panda and Penguin. These updates caused panic in the community of the webmasters. The ultimate aims of all these Google updates were to punish the websites for a variety of wrong or unethical things like placing copied or poor quality content on their websites, building poor quality back links for their websites, placing so many advertisements on their websites to divert the attention of the visitor towards something else, etc.

Is SEO becoming more difficult?

Though Google provide details of the updates, but many webmasters failed to identify the reasons why their ranking goes down. Have seen many small web marketing companies to shut down their business during last one year, just because their own site suffered from these updates and they were not that much efficient to recover from it.

They suffered losses because of these two updates and failed to survive. Can you believe it a firm of so call SEO professionals and failed to sustain their own websites due to Google Algorithm Updates?

But it is the reality.

The second thing which generated panic in the webmaster community is the pace of the updates through which Google threatened them. One update came, and when the webmasters realized its impact, it becomes too late, another update came in between and another set of things implemented on their website.

Though if you ask me, I would rather suggest you all not to worry anything about those updates if your website did not performed any unethical stuff, like copy and pasting the articles of some other websites, building unnatural links for your websites, etc.

Who suffered mostly?

I guess the small website owners who were involved with duplicate content and developing creepy websites suffered badly due to these updates. Websites with unique and original content survived these updates, and I am sure they will definitely survive any algorithm update, as these updates are meant for giving more value to them only.

What I really admired about these recent Google updates is that now Google is giving more value towards the websites which are providing the interesting, unique and informative stuffs to its visitors. Also the site developed in a very natural way without doing any unnecessary or unethical things are getting more value now.

Frankly SEO term is slowly-slowly becoming obsolete now. Following webmaster guidelines is something which is overcoming the term SEO. Obviously the main purpose of Google performing these strict updates was to provide the best value to the user who is doing search on Google. So Google will always prefer to provide the best results to them.

So ultimately Google don’t want to give value to the websites which are trying their best to manipulate the search results, thus doing SEO is becoming a bit more difficult after Panda and Penguin updates. But, it’s not true as well. You can still manipulate the search results.

The only thing which is required from the website owners is that you should provide the best possible stuffs to the users. Never go for some creepy search engine optimizer who will claim that they will bring your website to the number one place in Google, though your website is not at all related with those keywords for which they are claiming for. Always judge the knowledge of the SEO before handling your website to him/her.


The biggest hurdle in the world of SEO is the money. People think when they can get services for a cheaper value, they why to waste money on the experienced people?

It’s a big mistake in my opinion. When you are dealing with a website, always consider that website as a business. You should always prefer to handover your business to the knowledgeable guys who can take care of it in the best possible manner. You should not ever try to handover your business in the hands of a person who don’t even know the A B C D of your business.


Thus as I said that SEO becomes a bit more difficult during post Panda and Penguin updates, but it’s not at all become impossible as well. Try to focus on building your website in a more intelligent way, avoiding all the unethical stuffs, and never focus on building links for your website, focus yourself towards following the Google webmaster guidelines and I am sure SEO will never become difficult for you.

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