Ultimate Benefits of the Guest Blogging!

Although I have written a lengthy post on the top 10 benefits of guest blogging in past, but then I realized are they enough for us to spend many hours to write a great post and then ask some one to publish the same on his or her blog and surprisingly we do all these for free. Is not it surprising that we work so hard to create a blog post and that too for some one else blog?

Those who are reading this post, I will first ask them to read my old post of top 10 benefits of guest blogging, and then I am sure you can understand after all what benefits we internet marketer gets from working hard on writing guest posts. Still if you had any doubt, this post will surely clear all your doubts about why should we spend so many hours to write guest posts for other’s blog?

There are actually three set of people involved with the guest blog, and a good guest blogging experience will allow all three of them to win something. Let me explain. The first set is you, who write guest blog for free. A great post will give you more credibility, name, fame, exposure, and new visitors. This is all an internet marketer always looks for, is not it?

The second set is of the owner of the blog who published your post on his or her blog, also known as the host. Big question is that after all why will he or she publish your post to the visitors of his blog? Quality content, this is something which every blog owner wanted to deliver to his audience. You wrote a great post and hence the blog owner will surely like it to publish on his blog. Ultimately he will be happy to deliver something great to his audience base.

The third sets are the visitors of the host blog. What benefit will they get from guest blogging? Well they will get one unique and informative blog on some topic, it might be a great experience for them and they can be able to gain a unique perspective too.

Are these benefits enough to spend so much in the form of time, research, and hard work to write a guest post? I guess No, there are still many more benefits which guest blogging provide. Frankly speaking, one of the best is the self satisfaction and gratitude. You would never understand the happiness which we blogger get after publishing a post by our name in a great blog. It might be possible that the host blogger is a huge name in his field, but still once he published your blog and his fans started liking it, it gives immense pleasure to the author. Comments, compliments, all these increase the morale of the guest blogger and inspire him to deliver the same in his own blog too.  Also the fans of the host blog now start recognizing you too and will surely consider visiting your blog too. They might like it and become a fan or subscriber of your blog too.

Hence, you are able to create a connection with the subscribers of a great blog, who actually don’t even know you or your blog too. Thus, you made a great path for your success through other’s blog.

The best thing is that, there are not many people who seriously take it as a serious affair and create great posts for guest blogging. So the competition is less, and the blog owners are always looking for quality content, and they always welcome it to publish on their blog. So the chances of you getting accepted as the guest blogger are too high, if you have the ability to write great posts. Remember one thing, the benefits of guest blogging is not automatic, you need to work hard to get all the benefits. The more you will give to your host, the more you will take as a guest.

I will be writing a few more posts related to guest blogging and publishing them here, also those who are not aware that I also accept guest blogs then I will request you all to read this blog of mine: Be Guest Author with Latest Technology Blog!

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