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How to Attain Mind Control with Subliminal Technology?

Subliminal technology is making a buzz today, especially online where subliminal CDs and DVDs are all over the market. This technology dated way back 1957. Subliminal simply means a level below normal perception- a message that appeal to the subconscious mind. Subliminal message can be imbedded in videos and audio that communicates in a hidden

Importance of Data Recovery!

Slowly-slowly the use of technology is increasing in our daily life. Especially, personal computer is something which is becoming the essential part of our life. Not only the PC, but laptop is also becoming an essential part of our life. So as the use of these gadgets is increasing, the importance of the data is

Pros and Cons of modern technologies!

Who had thought in the age of chariots that horses would be replaced by “The Bullet” (World’s fastest train in service)? Had it not been for the Einsteins and Newtons, who are born with new names in every era, we may have been complacent farmers and hunters even today. As is popularly said “Necessity is