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Cheapest Computer planned with the help of Apple IIS!

What if a computer can be available at $12? A new project is under processing which will launch the cheapest called computer organized by a group of MIT graduates and current students, According to a Boston Herald article, the price will be $12. It will be good news to those who are unable to invest

What is meant by 3G?

3G, abbreviated for third-generation mobile telephony services, is set to revolutionize mobile phone services in India and take it to the next technological level. This new technology will provide a high-speed mobile connectivity in the country. Currently mobile phones work on 2G or 2.5G, and use 30-200 KHz bandwidth. But the future 3G phones will

Phoenix Mission: NASA finds Water on Mars!

NASA’s mission Phoenix Mars Lander has discovered water on Mars land and put strong chances of life on the planet. Scientists confirmed the news on Thursday saying that they had definitive proof that water exists on Mars after further tests on ice found on the planet in June by the Phoenix Mars Lander. “We’ve seen

Changing technology with time!

Technology is showing a gradual trend of change with time. New tools and techniques are invented daily which give rise to new technologies. Background knowledge has enabled people to create new things. Technology has totally changed our life. With the invention of wheels, people started traveling and with the advancement of technology human has made