5 Reasons Why Web Designers Should Have Their Own Blog!

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Being a web designer can be such a fulfilling career, but it can also come with a lot of problems. Going long periods withoutfinding a job, unable to get enough visibility, and not having a personal brand are just a few of the complication that most newer web designers run into. What is a solution to most of these problems? A successful blog! We are going to go over 5 reasons why all web designers should have a blog.

Showcase Your Work

All web designers have a portfolio that people can access, but with a blog, you can showcase your work whether they like it or not. If you have relevant content that allows you to provide a glimpse of what your skills are like, then you just exposed your entire audience to a beautiful piece of work. If someone that is looking for a talented designer stumbles onto your content, they will see your work and might decide to hire you.

There are so many different strategies you can use within your blog, so it doesn’t matter how you end up showcasing your previous designs, the important part is that they are out there for people to see.


What you need as a web designer is for people to notice you. If you can never reach out to people, then how do you ever expect to land any work? Having a personal website can give you all the visibility you need to be a successful designer with an unlimited amount of work. The more targeted traffic that you get, the easier it is going to be for someone to hire you for a project.

5 Reasons Why Web Designers Should Have Their Own Blog

5 Reasons Why Web Designers Should Have Their Own Blog

Another great thing about a blog’s visibility factor is that the traffic is always targeted. Since your blog will be about a certain niche, the blog will only attract people that are interested in your topics, increasing the effectiveness of your traffic.

Gain a Loyal Following

After your blog has been up for a while and you get a steady stream of traffic, you will start to notice a percentage of your traffic is actually from the same people. Loyal readers are great to have because they usually interact on the blog more, give you steady traffic, and will defend you when you need them. They are also a great way to gain clients from word of mouth. If you have proven to them that you are a superior designer and know what you are talking about, they will have no problem referring their friends and family to you when they need a project finished up.

Gaining loyal followers takes time and dedication. You will need to provide top quality content on a regular basis and also interact with you audience. Never leave a comment or message unanswered because that might make them feel unwanted or unappreciated.

Personal Branding

Like all businesses, branding is a huge aspect on whether or not they are successful. If a company is branded as having bad products and horrible customer service, then they will most likely fail in the long run. The same thing goes for designers. Creating a positive personal brand will allow your audience and potential clients to trust you much more. They will have no problems providing you with more work and your overall image will be all about your quality work and professional manner. It is pretty obvious how a blog can help increase your personal brand. Based off of your content, portfolio, and comments, people will be able to see what type of person you are and what kind of quality work you have done.

More Potential Jobs

All in all, blogging will increase your chance for finding more projects to finish by a dramatic amount. All aspect of your career could change with a successful blog, so if you still haven’t started one yet, you should get on that as soon as possible. While you might not want to sit down and write on a regular basis, in the end, it will help your career and we worth all of the time and effort you put in. If you find yourself discouraged to write, just remember why you are doing it and continue to thrive over your competition.

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