Top 7 Audio Players For Windows 8!

When it comes to your choice of the best audio players download, there is a lot that comes into play. Some music lovers like to keep it simple in terms of functionality and usability while other people want to tweak the control functions, customize their audio players and arrange their library in a personal way.

Whatever your preference is, let’s take a look at the top 7 audio players for windows 8 that are available for free downloads on your PC:

Top 7 Audio Players For Windows 8!

1. Media Monkey

Mediamonkey is one of the best audio players for music lovers who love an organized library. This music app makes it so easy to clean up a messy library, create playlists and connect with other devices such as mobile phones and tablets. It is very fast and efficient; you can rely on it to load up thousands of songs in your library without using up your memory.

Other features include;

  • CD rip
  • Podcasts and audio book downloads
  • Plays multiple support files

2. Foobar2000

Foobar2000 makes it to the best audio players download list because of its simplicity and flexible usability. It is popular among music lovers and has been branded as an “advanced” freeware music player. It is very light on system requirements and fast in playing music. Foobar2000 plays all types of audio formats and gives you controls to personalize your music experience.

You can customize the player using the many plug-ins and add-ons that are made available for improved functionality.

3. Winamp

Winamp is one of the oldest music apps that have been available for windows. Over the years, this audio player has brought drastic changes in its functionality and usability and these advancements shows that there are more upgrades to come. The winamp display features;

  • Multiple controls to enhance performance (rip CDs, sync, playback options and many more)
  • Library information that includes artist, title, genre, year, rating and album
  • A full web browser where you can search for songs online.

4. Zune Music

Zune Music app spells out color and top quality display! It looks so stylish and fun to use especially in full-screen mode when the auto generated backgrounds change. This audio player provides an exciting music listening experience and provides features such as;

  • Custom playlists
  • Easy podcast downloads
  • Simple music organization
  • Fast handling of large libraries

5. MusicBee

Musicbee audio player is the best choice for the average song lover who cares little about tweaks, toggles and control options. This app is lightweight to system requirements and very easy to use. It has all the functionality of a music player and provides different options of customization to get you started fast. The simple interface strikes most users.

6. VLC Media Player

VLC is very popular among many windows 8 users. This is because the media player can handle anything thrown at it including the rarest audio files. The interface is very basic and can be used by any person irrespective of technical knowhow.

7. ITunes

ITunes makes the last of the lot even though it is only limited to apple devices. ITunes is optimized for windows 8 users and provides different features to managing audio files on their apple devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod). It is also a great app for organizing and playing music files on your PC.

Remember that all app listed above are free for downloads, so take pick on your favorite audio player and download easily on your PC.

Author Bio: This post is written by Krishna who is a Professional Blogger and SEO Expert. He is very fond of Cricket and Internet. His Philosophy in life is that “Life always gives second chance you just need to grab it at the right moment.”  This article is about 7 best audio players download & information about them.

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