5 Powerful reasons Why Your Business Website Should Have a Blog!

All businesses that are a part of the online community should have a blog. They are one of the most powerful marketing tools and you don’t need to spend a fortune to reap the rewards. It does take time and effort, but the more you give, the more your blog will return. So if you are one of those businesses out there that are still not too sure about starting a blog, let’s take a look at 5 reasons why you should give it a try.

Long Term Leads and Sales Machine

When you first start your blog, you won’t see much activity, no sales, and will probably feel a bit discouraged. Just power through that phase of the blog because as soon as you start to get the ball rolling, is doesn’t stop. In the beginning, your goal is to reach as many people and provide them with as much value as possible, so that later on, you can benefit from them. After you have a large readership and loyalists, then you can start to introduce your products or services into the content and they will trust you enough at this point to try them out.

Once the blog is popular, it will only continue to grow with the more content you put out. So at this point, you have a machine that brings in more and more people that you have an opportunity to convert over to becoming a customer.

5 Powerful reasons Why Your Business Website Should Have a Blog

5 Powerful reasons Why Your Business Website Should Have a Blog

Attracts Targeted Audiences

Blogging will help you reach audiences that you would typically never have gotten in touch with. Since you are providing them with information on a specific niche, you will notice that your blog only attracts people that are interested around that niche. This really helps to find people to expose your products and services to because you already know that they are interested in relevant content, so why wouldn’t they be interested in purchasing your products?

You want to stay away from writing about multiple irrelevant topics because it counter-acts getting targeted traffic and will actually push your readers away. If your readers come to your website for a piece of content they are interested in, but then see that you have nothing else related, why would they stay? Keep everything as relevant as possible.

Requires No Money

This has to be one of the best part about a blog. You can set up a free WordPress blog in less than 5 minutes and be up and writing. Although you will probably want to design the blog to be relevant to your site, the point is, it costs nothing and takes such little time.

The only way your blog is going to cost anything is if you decide to hire a writer, buy themes or plugins, or you want to market the blog itself. All of these things are all optional and will not guarantee a better experience. You could spend 1000 dollars on your blog and then only spend about 5 hours a week on it. It still wouldn’t be as effective as a blog that costs nothing but has an owner who spends 20 hours on it a week.

Helps Your Company’s Brand

Branding should be a top priority for all business owners, and with a blog, you can easily get some branding done. Since the blog is directly attached to the company, your company’s image will be reflected on what is on the content. Providing quality, valuable content that is presented in a professional manner will definitely help your company’s brand. You can also take further steps into branding with your blog, but that is really up to you.

Can be Integrated Into Other Marketing Campaigns

Blogs can be useful in any marketing situation. For example, social media marketing campaigns. Blogs can play a massive role in a successful campaign in social media. You will be able to link your content to all of your social media profiles, increasing the blog traffic, as well as providing a good user experience to your social media followers. It is a win-win. There are plenty of other examples where blogs can be a great asset to any business, but these 5 tips should get you started.

Author Bio: Ness works for as a Community Manager. A visit to their site will give you a grasp of how websites are created using WordPress and what makes it a good choice.

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