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Well, during last few months’ people started talking that SEO is almost dead now, and if you are the owner of a small website, then you should forget about getting ranked over Google. Though, I did not support these types of rumors, but I met a few people in last two three months who were the owner of a small website and they did not opted for an SEO services as they all were thinking that it is a waste now as Google won’t rank them anymore.

Though I tried convincing them that the so called small websites can also rank well, as Google doesn’t care about the number of pages of your website, but they care about the quality which your website is serving to its visitors.

Though as I said it is a common myth which is flowing in the mind of many website owners, just because after Penguin and Panda updates many websites lost their ranking, and they thought that Google is now not giving value to the small websites.

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Yesterday Matt Cutts, the head of search spam team at Google, tweeted something which is a clear indication that even Google is aware about all these myths about small websites. His latest tweet on small websites can be found here:

Matt Cutts Tweet on Small Website

Matt Cutts Tweet on Small Website

It is a tweet in which Matt asked for the small websites which are of good quality and should be doing better in Google search results. He has also given a link in which people can submit their websites which they think should rank well in Google. You can also visit and submit the sites which you think should do better. You should let Matt know about a quality websites which should rank well in Google, but is not doing well. In this page he has asked for the URL of the site and the reason why does that particular website should outrank their competitors.

Though as per Matt it’s a feedback collection exercise about small but high-quality websites only, and it won’t affect the ranking of any websites which are submitted over there.

So if you are also the owner of a small but quality website then you should also let Google know about it, if you think that it should rank well in Google searches.

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