How to Convert Your Blog Visitor into Loyal Visitors for Life!

You are the owner of a blog, what would be your desires from your blog?

Simple, in my case, I would think plenty of visitors on my blog.

Ah, we all know it’s a difficult task.

What else would you desire from your blog?

I guess, a good pool of loyal visitors, who will come back to your blog on a regular interval, or who should bookmark your blog for future use, through which they can visit your blog regularly.

You might say mate it’s not that easy.


It’s not that easy to get some dedicated visitors to your blog, but you can do some stuff which can convert your blog into a power blog and people will start becoming fan of your blogs.


Sounds interesting, but saying this is easy, but hard to do it in practical. I am also doing blogging, since 2008, but I am not a regular blogger, and this is the reason why most of my dedicated visitors become upset when they visit my blog after some time and did not found any new blog in it. This is the reason why I have decided to put some more time on my blogs which will definitely please the visitors of my blogs.

Anyways, from next week, I will dedicate full time on my blogs, and you would be glad to see some more quality blogs very soon, that too on a regular interval. Meanwhile as we were discussing about the ways through which we can convert our visitors into dedicated and loyal visitors, so here are a few tips through which you can make it possible:

How to Convert Your Blog Visitor into Loyal Visitors for Life!

How to Convert Your Blog Visitor into Loyal Visitors for Life!

Regular Blog Posts

Regularity is something which is very much required, if you really want to be liked by the visitors. If you post your blogs on a regular interval then your chances of getting more likes are always increasing. As I mentioned above that the visitors of my blogs are must be feeling disappointed when they visit next time and see no new posts, so the same can apply to those who don’t posts regular blogs.

What to do?

If you ask me, I would suggest you to prepare a schedule for your blogs. Don’t only make the schedule rather start following them strictly and you will realize that you are posting your blogs on a regular interval now.

Sounds good, now coming ahead to other points.

Interesting Blog Posts

When I was a newbie in the field of blogging, one of my friends Pinal Dave, who is the SQL expert and runs his blog at SQL Authority, suggested me a few ways to make my blog more interesting. As per him, we all share more or less similar types of stuffs, then why will someone is going to like my content?

This is where our knowledge and creativity comes into play. To make our blog more interesting and useful, we can make it more fact oriented, catchy and should be written in simple language.

What to do?

Frankly, we can make our blog more interesting with the help of graphics, images, cartoons, etc. A perfect picture will make your blog more interesting.

Also when you write the blog, try to put your knowledge about the post so that the reader will associate with you, and thus surely like your blog and want to read your future blogs as well.

These are the reasons why my buddy Pinal is a successful blogger.

Okay one more interesting tips, you can also use videos to make your blog more interesting. You can also create your video blogs to post in place of the regular blogs. People will definitely like this idea.


The first and the most important thing which is very much required for converting your blog visitor into a regular visitor is the uniqueness of the content. It should be original enough, it can further help you to get rid of the Penguin and Panda updates of Google.

Also read these two blogs of mine on is SEO becoming obsolete and is SEO becoming more difficult after Panda and Penguin updates?

What to do?

To write unique content, nothing special is required. It only needs your knowledge about the niche on which you are writing. Do a bit of research about the blog topic and come ahead with the ideas or information which you might have about the same. Thus you can be able to write unique content.

As per some old sayings in the field of online marketing, Content is the King, and it is very much true.

Interacting with Your Readers

Proper interaction with your blog readers is a must to let them visit your blog again and again. Just realize why we visit a local shop regularly, just because the shop owner interacts with us in a very good manner, which makes us loyal to him.

Similarly in the world of web, we also need to interact with all the readers of our blog, so that they can be interested in visiting our blog once again.

What to do?

In this case, try to ask for comments from the readers, once you have some comments, you should respond to each and every comment in a very polite manner. Never become aggressive, as you might be due to some obsessive language in the comments, try to be polite against them as well.

Subscribe Options to the Reader

Though I myself is lacking in this, but it is very much required if you need loyal readers to your blogs. Whenever you are reading a blog, and you like the stuff, you must think about subscribing to that blog through which you can get information about the new posts from the same blog.

Why I am not using it?

Frankly speaking, it is my mistake that I am not using it so far, but I promise you all that by next week you will have the same option available on my blog as well.

What to do?

In this case, use feedburner, and don’t forget to visit my blog in next week as I will write about how to use feeburner for a WordPress blog. Also use the plugins like FeedBurner FeedSmith (though it’s an outdated plugin now), or Feedburner Email Subscription, or FD Feedburner Plugin or similar types of plugin to make it more useful on your blog. Wait for my next blog on the same.

Thus, I guess you must have realized that you will have to work hard and hard to make your blog outstanding, something which can develop a unique identity in the eye of the readers of your blog, through which they can be able to remember your blog.

Providing up to date information, and developing a user friendly blog will surely help you further in this regard. I might be missing some points while writing this blog, if you are having some new point you can share the same in the form of comment. Please also don’t forget to share your view about this blog of mine.

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