5 Alternative Blogging Platforms to Try Out in 2013!

When it comes to picking a blogging platform, of course, there are the most popular sites like WordPress and Blogger that will always be the choice of the majority. Even though there is nothing wrong with these obvious choices, it couldn’t hurt to check out some newcomers and less popular blogging platforms because you never know, you just might like them better. These newer and smaller platforms look to instill a sense of community and interaction with bloggers new and old, which is what essentially separates them from the big names and which might make them appealing to people who want to try something fresh and innovative when it comes to blogging.

Here are five exciting new blogging platforms that bloggers might want to check out if they are looking to try something new or take their blogs and general writing and sharing of ideas into other territories this year.


This new blogging platform comes with a pretty great idea attached to it. A lot of people who are not everyday bloggers might have had their blogspots shut down because of inactivity, or in many cases, had their blogs disappear for one reason or another. If you are sick of having to move your content whenever a service you are using disappears or changes, you might like the idea of Posthaven. For five dollars a month, users will be able to use Posthaven, which guarantees that it will never go away or change your posts or content. It’s a very ambitious goal, but a worthwhile one for many people. The interface and look of the blog platform itself are very sleek, modern and basic in design. All in all, Posthaven comes with a very exciting idea and foundation. We’ll have to wait and see how it progresses and whether it will be able to sustain its promises and build a larger following through them.


Jux is a great option for people who love more visual blog platforms like Tumblr or Pinterest. These image-based blogs are increasingly popular, which might make Jux a perfect candidate for experiencing a similar level success and popularity as Pinterest did last year. The design of this platform is the main attraction; it definitely makes it easy for anyone to get their posts to look great. It’s a great blog platform if you are into food or travel blogs and like to include a lot of pictures with your writings. Even the most basic themes offered look really great and don’t have to be tweaked at all to look professionally designed. So if you are looking for a visually impactful blogging alternative, look no further.


If you are looking for a blogging platform that is mostly made up of professionals and you’re looking for a place to share expert writing and learn from the most knowledgeable, Svbtle seems to be a good place for this. It might not be a place to open up a blog about your dog or your vacations, but if you are interested in writing about things like finances, literature, business or anything professional, this could be a nice change of pace. It’s definitely designed with professionals in mind and it looks to not only allow people to write, but to also learn from others and interact within the community. Svbtle also provides a fantastic outlet for trying to network within your own niche. It gives you a much more personable approach to establishing contacts and aims to create a tight-knit community than most larger blogging platforms do not facilitate.


Glipho is another one that is looking to form a community and promote more interaction. One of the greatest downfalls with the big blog platforms is that it is hard to get people to read your stuff and interact with you, because you are getting lost in the shuffle. When you sign up to Glipho, you are part of a smaller community and are therefore more easily noticed, especially if your writing is good. One of the best features of Glipho is that if you are switching to it from another blogging platform, you can import all of your old writings so that they can be seen be fresh eyes and finally noticed. It is a very social blogging community and it’s even a great place for freelance writers to make connections.


Medium is another blogging platform that notes the fact that there will be no shutting down of blogs because of a lapse of content, which is great for people who only blog very casually. The scope and community of Medium is not very defined, the owners of the site say themselves that it’s a blogging platform for everyone from “professional journalists to amateur cooks.” It is meant to be a blogging platform that is not obsessed with plug-ins and side bars, but instead allows you to focus on the words you are writing and reading with its simple design and interface. If you are serious about your writing and want to give your writing a better chance to be actually seen by people who would be interesting in what you are saying, Medium could be a good choice for you.

As stated previously, blog platforms such as WordPress will remain dominant for years to come as far as not only attracting new bloggers, but also increasing the visibility of seasoned veterans, but there are many options out there for people who are looking to try something new.

Within every niche, there will always be the most popular services and then small, not-yet-established ones trying to do something innovative and different. Blogging platforms are the same in that respect. These smaller up-start blog platforms recognize their positions in the market and try to offer new outlooks on blogging that might appeal to people who are either just starting to blog or have been blogging for a long time and want to try a new angle.

Author Bio: David Lazar is a blogger at the PDF Converter tips blog. He enjoys following and writing about all of the latest goings-on in the worlds of technology, new media and the Internet in general.

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