5 Most Important Blogging Tips Required for the Popularity of Your Blog!

Blogging is as simple as writing a diary. Is not that true?

Yes. Up to an extent, it’s true that it is quite simple, but just tell me one thing, why will someone prefer to read your diary?

Are you an industry giant so that every other person would love to hear you? Just like one of my friend who is an industry expert in SQL and everyone wants to hear something new from him.

Certainly we are not that much industry giant that everybody will start following our blog from the day it got launched.

So the point is that you are either trying to set up a new blog, or would be planning to do so, or running a blog, you must know a few things which can help you to popularize your blog. Here are a few tips which can help you to make popular the blog which you write:

Blog Something Which You Knows Better!

This is something which can make your blog a better place for your target audience. Always prefer to start a blog on niche in which you are having a good knowledge. Don’t copy others.

Blog Something Which You Knows Better!

The idea behind any successful blog is that it provides unique and informative blogs to its readers. So if you too want to get success as a blogger, then you must need to provide unique and informative ideas to the readers of your blog.

So before starting or creating a blog, you must choose the niche carefully. Always prefer the niche in which you have some sound knowledge.

Then only you can succeed.

You Must Create a Brand of Yourself!

For becoming successful blogger you must need to build a brand of yourself only. I am sure many of you are already aware about it.

It is quite simple as building an identity of your own. You should define yourself who you really are.

You Must Create a Brand of Yourself!

You will have to tell your readers your USP; I mean to say that you will have to tell them about the things which differentiate you from others.

With each blog the reader of the blog must understand what you want to offer them.

The question which you might ask me is how can I become a brand? The answer is quite simple, with your blog content only you can develop your own branding. To know more about how to develop online branding and authority, you can also check this blog of mine as well.

Connect with Right Audience!

Target your own niche audience only. This is the age of networking and you can build your own brand with the help of different social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. also.

Connect with Right Audience!

The most important thing while connecting with people is that you must connect with correct audience. You need not to connect with any other person.

When correct people are connecting with your blog, they must read the blog which you have written and they will also like or post relevant comment about the same in Facebook, or retweet your tweet as well.

You Must Know to Treat Spam’s!

If you really want to focus on building a great website, then you must need to know about how to tackle with the spams.

You Must Know to Treat Spam’s!

On a particular day my blog use to get 1000s of spam comments, but I really don’t give a damn to them. I use to delete the spam’s comments after a certain time only. I usually installed Antispam Bee plugin on my site, but frankly am not that much happy with this plugin. I also used a few most popular anti-spam plugnis, but I really did not like them.

My suggestion to you all who want to become a successful blogger is that don’t spend much time on treating spams. It is always better to delete them immediately after seeing the name of the comment poster only. You can easily decide after looking towards a comment that weather it is a spam or not.

These days we are also facing one different types of spam, and it is about sending you bullshit types of content for guest posts. I usually prefer to ignore them.

Continuous Work!

To popularize a blog you must need to work 24X7X365 on it. Well, though in my opinion this is the best and the most important tips towards the popularity of your blog, but I myself use to ignore the same. The prime reason behind this is my full time job as an internet marketing manager; I did not get much time to spend on my own blogs.

Continuous Work!

Another thing, when we say work more on your blog, it simply means you should work smartly on your blog.

That’s the all for the moment for this blog, I hope you all must have gone through my last blog on Disavow Links tool, and I am sure you must have like it. I am hereby requesting you all to share your opinion about the blogs so that other readers of my blog will also be able to hear some different angel view about the same. They can also get benefit from your own experience about the same.

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