Does Your Business Need Search Engine Optimization?

It was year 2004 when I joined internet marketing era, and heard the term search engine optimization for the first time. Popularly known as SEO, search engine optimization, was a term which many of my friends, relatives and known people were not aware of.

I use to explain them for around half an hour, about my work profile. It was a bit hard too. Frankly speaking after spending more than 7 years in the internet marketing field, I can still claim that not many people are still aware about the real meaning of SEO.

From more than 5 years I am working as a manager in different companies, and by the grace of god, I got the chance to interview many candidates for the post of SEO or related stuffs. For your surprise I realized that many people who are working as an SEO from one or more years are also not that much aware about it.

Many of my readers are aware about a post which I published a few days back; it was on how to survive the ups and downs of life! As I mentioned there that one of the major challenges which I faced in my professional life is to satisfy the desires of the clients. Frankly, so far I met with many website owners and what I realized is that normally every site owner’s perception is that, he has a website, and someone like Alok Vats is doing the SEO of the site, and from the next day his website will be listed at first place in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. and his website will start getting thousands plus hits.

Funny? Well not for me. As this is the general conception and it is really hard to explain them that reaching to the number one position in any search engines for any keywords is not that much easy task (even reaching to the first page of SERP). It is a time consuming task and need many works to do. With Google so much keen about the quality of the results displaying on any SERP (Search Engine Result Page), from last few years, this has become too difficult to reach to the number one slot in Google.

It’s not like that it becomes impossible, but now it is quite clear that none of the shortcuts will allow any site to result into any search result. If you have quality, and you do some quality works to promote your site, you will definitely reach to the top, off course it will take some time, but you will succeed.

A few months back I write one interesting post on beginners guide to do SEO, and then I write one interesting post on some Google Adwords tips for beginners too. Surprisingly, after I published both the blogs, I received so many mails about the two. Many of them were asking me, if we can use PPC then what is the point in wasting time on SEO? This sparked me to write a post on does your businesses really need SEO or not?

Well, in the year 2012, internet has become one of the vital parts of our daily life. Even on vacations we use to use internet, either to remain connected with friends, or to get the latest news, or to search for something useful. If you ask me, my response to the above question is that, if you run a business, by virtue of its size and turnover, the online presence along with SEO is a must for you.

With an option of PPC you can bring your website at the top of the search results, but frankly still there are many people around who always prefer to click on the organic results, than the ads. For them, organic results are more trustworthy than the sites which are displaying their ads on the search engines.

Frankly speaking, if anyone want to buy something, or try to obtain a service, usually spend some time online, do a bit of research and once satisfied with the website, then only purchase something from a particular site.

Doing a bit of research they will definitely search for some related keywords, and would also love to see the genuine reviews of your business. This all can be achieved with the widespread online presence of your business only, and for this natural search engine optimization is a must. Always remember, don’t do any hurry to reach to the first place in search results, neither also tries to do any kind of black hat, or unethical SEO. Always take proper care while choosing the SEO for your website.

If you contact a few SEO, all of them will say that they are the best. If you even contact me for some SEO work, I will also try to impress you. But, frankly, you should judge his knowledge through different means, before handing over your website to that particular person.

In this regard, I do want to share one link with you all, this is the standard support page of Google, which will clear your basic doubts about search engine optimization.

So, returning back to our main discussion, you just can’t develop a good looking and working websites, and expect that visitors will reach to you. Certainly you need to look towards getting them, and here comes the SEO’s role. Definitely every business or website owner wants to display his website with all the keywords related to their business, and thus it can only be provided by an SEO.

Well, so my response for does your business need search engine optimizations is a big Yes, but always remember that anyone cannot guarantee a first page ranking for any website, it is the result of a long and honest effort, and also it will take some time to reach to that particular place. I will wait for your responses on the above article.

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