Three Basic Google Adwords Tips for Beginners!

I still remember that last year I got an interview call from a very renowned company, and they were looking for an Online Marketing Manager who has good knowledge of managing PPC programs like Google Adwords. Though I did not managed any big budget campaigns in Google Adwords (I so far managed a few small-small campaigns, along with a campaign whose monthly budget was around $6000 only), I stated the same to the interviewer, who was the SEO Manager of the company.

I in fact clarified him with all the scenarios, and then he asked me a few questions related to the Adwords, and I replied to them as per my knowledge, and they really liked me (the other interviewer was also an SEO Manager of the same company, though she did not uttered a single word during the interview). After this they even called me up for a face to face round, and don’t know why their senior did not liked me much, and I got rejected.

Anyways, the reason why I shared this story to my readers is that working in that company was one of my biggest dreams, and unfortunately I could not be able to make the same. Sad, but nothing to worry about.

While I was working for my last blog post on beginners guide to do SEO for their new website, I just analyzed that I almost write nothing on Google Adwords so far, except this one:

Use Google Adwords to gain high web traffic!

So, I decided to write a post on the same, which actually always gives me pain. Though I can say one thing that I am not an expert in the same, but yes I have done well so far, as far as the limited opportunities are concerned, which I received and managed.

Let me give a small idea of the Google Adwords program, it is actually one of the most popular online advertising programs of the internet giant Google. Frankly speaking, Adwords is one of the most simplest online advertising program, which in fact any one can use, though if you ask me, to get the quality results is not a cup of tea through Google Adwords. Anyone can get good results with the help of the Adwords program, but since this program needs an investment, then we should understand a few basic requirements, which can help us to get the better ROI from the investment.

Importance of Keywords

Frankly speaking, success of the Google Adwords campaign revolves around the keywords. Better the target keywords, more chance of getting the quality results from the campaign.

This is something, which every one of us internet marketer knows. We also tell the same to any newbie. So, if you really want to get success with the help of the Google Adwords program, then you must need to become a master in choosing and fixing the keywords for your program.

A few months back I write one interesting post on importance of keyword research in blogging, though it was different than what we are discussing at the moment, but that article too described about the role of the keywords in the field of web.

Frankly speaking, if you don’t choose the correct set of keywords for your campaign, then either no one will click on your ad, or the clicks will be made by un-relevant people. While, choosing the proper keywords for your campaign, here are a few tips which can help you:

  1. Understand your Business Model properly – To target the correct audience you need to better understand the business model of your business. Once you have the exact idea, you can fix the proper keywords for your website.
  2. Choosing Long Tail Keywords – Long tail keywords are better for targeting more customers, and the reason behind this is that it is less competitive, as well as less expansive too.
  3. Choosing the Typing Mistakes – While choosing the keywords for your website, many people make a mistake of omitting the typing mistake keywords, while it can also provide you quality traffic, which can be relevant as well.
  4. Avoid Broad Keywords – While your business is a small one, so don’t focus on choosing broad keywords at the beginning, you can simply avoid them for the moment.
  5. Don’t go behind your Competitors – I have seen this tendency in many advertisers that they would love to display their ad wherever their competitor’s ads are displaying, in my opinion it is a wrong approach. Instead of going behind your competitor invest your time to find relevant keywords, that might be cheaper as well as results good for you.

Though above are some of the basic tips which can help to select keywords for your campaign, but never forget to keep the track of all of your keywords. Always do a roundly check-up of your keywords, and analyze their performances.

Importance of Landing Pages

I know a person, who was running a business on export import, and he insisted the guys to land all the ads to the home page of the website. As per him, the home page provides all the necessary information’s to the visitors. While, the success rate of your Google Adwords campaign depends on the relevancy of the landing page, also known as the destination URL.

The ads which provides the user the thing which he or she was looking for, becomes more successful, compared to the ads which will guide the user to go through different layers of web pages to get what he was looking for. If you are searching for a Bluetooth device in California, you would annoy to see a site which is selling Bluetooth devices in Canada, and asks you to visit another page to get the same.

So, the importance of landing pages increases too much as far as the success of your campaign is concerned. Make a few groups of keywords and create a separate landing page for the same, please note that the landing page should provide the same thing, which are there in the list of keywords allotted for that group.

Importance of Ad Content

The last, but not the least, for the success of your Google Adwords campaign is the ad content. The text which your ad will display will be something which will tell someone to click upon. If you don’t have killer ads, no one will consider clicking on it. It should match with the keywords on which it is displaying and with the purpose of the landing page as well.

Here are a few tips which can help you to create killer ad texts:

  1. Choose Proper Tag Lines – Tag lines are very much important, as it will be your first impression with your would be customer, so the impression should be good enough.
  2. Use Proper Capitalization – Your ad should look different from any other ads, and this can be made possible with the help of using some capitalization properly in your ads.
  3. Use Call to Action Phrases – Call to action phrases are something which will insist the visitors to click on the ad, like Order Now, or Call Now are some good examples of call to action.
  4. Use Phone Numbers – Phone numbers are crucial, as after seeing the ad only, someone can decide upon calling your company and it will provide you targeted customer, without spending anything, as in Google Adwords your campaign will be charged only for a click.

Always remember that the more interesting will be the ad, more will the chances of getting clicked by the visitors. So try to make them more interesting and sit relaxed to see the targeted customers arriving to your website.

These were the three most basic tips related with the Google Adwords. I will also write something about some of the advanced tips in coming days. Do let me know how you did like this post, along with any more suggestions which you might have about the beginners. I will definitely respond to them.

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