How to Get Rid of the Slow Internet Browsing!

While I was writing my last post on the top 5 qualities which can generate quality content, I was doing the research before writing it, and then I realized the system on which I was working was too slow. Actually the system was not that much slow, rather the internet browsing was too slow.

Many of my friends too complaint the same that surfing the net on their systems is really bad and they feel that their system is too slow. Actually many of us who uses the internet, feels that their system is too slow, just because their internet browsing is slow.

Sometimes we feel that internet browsing is slow because of the internet service provider. Frankly speaking I realized that I should write down my own experience related to this slowness. Frankly I can tell you all that the slowness of the internet browsing might not be because of the internet service provider, rather it can happen because of many other reasons too like due to the storage of the temporary files on the system and might be due to the toolbars, add-ons, and extensions loaded with your web browser.

How to Get Rid of the Slow Internet Browsing!

Actually while surfing the net we don’t realize that our browsers store some temporary files on our system, which gradually increases with the more website we surf and with time. These temporary files slow down your system and internet browsing with time. Normally what I do to rectify this problem is that whenever I open the system I use to clear all the temporary files stored with my user profile. It helps me to get good speed while surfing the net.

Apart from that I use to do clear history of my browsers on a daily basis too. It helps to clear many temporary files. Actually I use to set the automatic settings which clear the history, once I close the browser. But, many a times I use to do it manually too, so that it does not leave any data on my system, which can increase the load of the system and slow down the net surfing.

Other than the above mentioned stuffs, there is one more thing which harms the internet browsing speed of your system, and it is lots of toolbars, add-ons and extensions installed with your browsers. One day I went to one cyber café for some work and I found that the top portion of the browser was loaded with too many things. Net surfing on that particular system was too bad and that experience was not at all memorable.

Frankly, these toolbars, extensions and add-ons do not only slow down your internet browsing speed, rather they are also a source of malicious attack on your system. Some of the toolbars are too week as far as security of your PC is concerned, and they unknowingly allow malicious software to creep onto your PC.

It is always a threat for your PC. Actually all these toolbars, add-ons and extensions are one kind of software’s which is not that much secure. They actually reduce the display area for web pages on your browser. Other than slowing your browsing speed they also display annoying and unsolicited information too.

Frankly speaking it is my suggestions that do not install any free toolbar offered by many websites, unless you are sure that it is safe and required for your system. Many of the toolbars are used as a hijacker too, which can hijack many important data from your system and harm you too.

That will be all for today my dear friends, I will be back on tomorrow with something more useful and related to blogging tips.

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