Top 5 Qualities which can Generate Quality Content!

We all are aware about the emphasis on quality content given by some major search engines, especially by Google. We already know that due to Panda Update, the focus of all the internet marketing professionals shifted towards providing useful and informative content on the website.

Frankly speaking, I am a firm supporter of providing quality content to the visitors of a website. Despite of the fact that Panda update realized this to all of us, but I use to follow the same from the very beginning of my career.

For me, it is quite clear, whenever you are planning to develop a website, always go from the visitor’s perspective. Never try to make website considering about the likes or dislikes of the search engines, which many of internet marketing professionals do. Frankly I always try to note down the likes or dislikes of the visitor of the website and accordingly plan the structure and design of the website.

As per my opinion, when visitors of your website will like your website, I am sure search engine will always love you too. Frankly this way we can be able to develop the natural website, the traffic for the same will also grow naturally and the best part is that the traffic of these websites will always remain natural. They won’t get affected by any updates of Google, since we already created the website as per the likes and dislikes of the visitors of the site, so there will be no chance that any search engine will ever penalize you.

I am very much aware about the recent Penguin Update by Google, on which I will definitely write something within a few days, but frankly all these updates are telling us loudly that we should always focus to develop natural websites only. And to deliver the same, quality content is one of the most important factors.

Qualities of Quality Content

Here are some of the factors which will help you to create quality content for your websites:

Value of the Content: The most basic factor of quality content is the value which it provides to the readers. If your piece of content is valuable, then only it can be considered as providing some quality to the visitors. Do remember one thing, as per different search engines, your content should be informative and provide some value to the readers. So if you can be able to create some valuable contents your half the purpose is solved.

Usability of the Content: Be clear that usability of the content always depends on how valuable your piece of content is. Frankly speaking, if your content is valuable to someone then only it’s usable for him. So usability of the content will be the second step towards creating quality content for your website. Try to focus on providing valuable content and it will automatic become usable for someone.

Brand Value: Brand value doesn’t mean that there must be a brand name associated with any piece of content. It clearly does not mean that a piece of content written by a brand name is always better than any other piece of content written on the same topic, by an unknown author. When I am saying the brand value of the content, it means there should always be a brand associated with your website, be it your personal or of some company only, but whenever you are creating content for your website, always thinks about the brand value which it will create about yourself. Frankly speaking if you are creating valuable, useful and informative content, then the purpose of brand building is automatically resolved.

Easily Findable: Now this is something which does not come into play while you create the content. I mean to say you at first need not to worry about this while you were creating the content. But yes, you should plan about the keywords through which user will find your content in advance only. Once you have the keywords ready with you then only you can be able to write valuable and usable content based on the same. Once your write-up is ready, you should revise it to check if it is providing the value for those searched keywords. Once you think Yes, then I am sure search engines will also think the same and provide value to your piece of content for those searched keywords and thus your content will become easily findable by people.

Shareable Content: The last but not the least, and frankly as you all know the importance of social media during these days, so always plan the content in the way that the readers of the same will find it shareable. Well, actually this is something which is dependent on all the above mentioned criteria’s, if your content is informative, valuable and usable, and the reader easily found the same, then I am sure the same user will also think about sharing the same.

Now those who reached to this piece of content please do provide me your feedback about the same. If you really found it valuable, or usable then would you mind to share it too? I will be waiting about your feedback in the form of comment, or you can also tweet me your responses at my tweeter account!/vatsalok

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