Turning an Idea into a Living!

Having an idea is one thing, transforming it into reality is another.  I had been sitting on an idea for about three years before fate finally pushed me into doing something about it. I have been passionate about gaming my entire teenage and adult life. I would play games from the minute I got home from school and later work until I went to bed. I read news and reports on games, watch YouTube videos and go after all the achievements I can. Over the last few years I had the urge to start a website dedicated to gaming and try to earn a living from my passion, although I felt this was probably just a dream that would never turn into anything.

Redundancy Gave Me the Push – I Wish I had Done It Sooner

When I was made redundant last summer I found myself with a lot of time on my hands. Jobs were scarce and once the hunt had been completed for the day I was left with nothing left to do but game. This was great for a while but I knew it wasn’t going to get me anywhere. I felt like this was the right time to put my idea to the test and see if I could actually earn money with my natural gaming skill and tap into the market which is on the rise.

The first thing I did was find a name for my website, it’s probably not the most vital place to start but I wanted to get it right. Then I tried to create a site using some free hosting packages, but this is where I felt a bit disappointed. I wanted to have a site which looked amazing from the start. I needed to have all the sugar on tip from social networking inclusion and sharing options to uploading a gallery and even videos. The trouble was when it came to adding and managing plugins on the site I was left clueless. Yes I play games but I am not exactly technologically proficient.

Making a Website is Not Easy

I decided to look into having a site made for me, but once it was running it was important that I could manage it without anyone else’s help. I had a little bit of money I could use from my redundancy, but it wasn’t a lot and the thought of paying someone to manage my site while I wasn’t making any money was just unthinkable.

Thankfully I found out that it was possible to have the site built for me and then I could easily manage it without any assistance. I didn’t need to know how to script or code anything either much to my relief. Once the frame of the site was created I was able to get my hands virtually dirty and discover exactly what I could make of my idea. I began writing up game news, my own gaming experiences and uploading videos of the games I was playing. I have even incorporated my streaming channel into the site now which is incredible.

Careers Can Grow From a Simple Website

Although I am not making a full time wage yet I am finally starting to see some money being generated from the site. I have some advertisements and sponsors on the page, and on my streaming page. I think everyone thought my idea would come to nothing, just a man trying to remain a kid as long as possible, but I am starting to prove them wrong now. The website has been up for a year now and it’s grown so much already.

 I’m feeling really positive about the future. My blog has been a big hit and I continue to add my own content several times a day. Even someone without any skills in websites is able to get online and start making money. If you have an idea it’s worth running with it, you never know what could happen.

Using content management systems helps you to create amazing websites and keep it topped up with content.

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