Importance of Keyword Research in Blogging!

A few months back I published a blog on how to use your blog as a branding tool. After publishing the same I received many mails in which the sender were looking for more tips for blogging. Yesterday I was reading the same blog and realized that I should write something about the most important criteria required for the success of the blog, i.e. the keyword research.

As I mentioned many times in the past that blogging is one of the finest and powerful marketing tools available these days. Believe me, blogging is not only considered as the marketing tools, but it is also used as a tool which can build your brand. Overall, everything starts from the posts.

One of my friend, who is the owner of a small business, planned to develop a website through which he can be able to sell the products which his company is manufacturing. I suggested him the way through which he can be able to attain more and more visitors, and that came through creating a blog. But creating a blog is not enough, you always need to manage the same too.

All set, I created a good looking e-commerce website for him, integrated the payment gateway too, and the online shopping store for him was ready. I also designed and developed a good looking blog too for him, created a few write ups too for beginning the same. Two sales within a week time was good for him too. Everything was seems perfect for him, but there was one question which was arising in the mind of my friend and it was, now what?

This is something which comes in the mind of regular bloggers too. This situation can be termed as bloggers block. Anyone can face this shortage of blog post ideas, and this can be removed with the help of the keyword research. Frankly speaking, keyword research is the backbone of the success of any blog, after all traffic is something for which every blogger is eying for, and some decent traffic can be easily achieved with the help of targeting some good keywords.

If you ask me then I can say you that for getting search engine love you need to target some good keywords and without doing the research you wont be able to decide which keywords you need to target for your blog. Here are some of the keyword tools which can help you to do the research with the keywords.

Google Adwords Keyword External Tool

If you are also stuck with the new blog post ideas then Google Adwords keyword external tool is something which can help you out to get fresh ideas for new post. You can anytime search for any keywords and Google Adwords tool will provide you insight for the relative competition of the keyword along with how often the particular term is searched for. It also provides a few suggestions related to the same keyword.

Thus if you go by my choice then always opt for the keywords which has decent monthly search volumes, but less competition. Thus you can easily chose some keywords and prepare a list of some new titles on which you can work upon.

Google Searches

One of the finest tool for keyword research is Google itself. Whenever I do stuck with new blog post ideas, then I always prefer Google to suggest new ideas to me. A few days back Google started the option of Related Searches with Google search which use to give some good ideas to me, but don’t know why Google removed the same from last few days. Still, whenever I do need the new blog post ideas I use to go for Google search and search for some related keywords and it gives me lots of ideas for writing new blog post.

Keywords Questions from Wordtracker

Although, a few years back Wordtracker was my first choice for doing the keyword reasearch, as far as Search Engine Optimization was concerned, but lately I shifted my focus towards Google Adwords External Keywords tool for doing the keyword research. But a few days back I came to know about the Keywords Questions, one of the free tool provided by the Wordtracker, and I really became a fan of the same. This tool can be found at (This link is not available now), a place where you can search for a single or short keyword and this tool will return you a list of questions which will include the same keyword and which are searched by people in search engines.

Well apart from all the above mentioned ideas for writing new blog post, I usually use Google Analytics to get keywords ideas. Normally anyone can search for such keywords which no one can be able to think about and this can be found from looking at the Analytics data, and thus you can get some fresh ideas about your new blog post.

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