How to Develop Online Branding and Authority?

You are a good brand as far as your offline presence is concerned, but you don’t have any identity in the online world. You must have spent some good time and money to develop a good looking website for your business, but you are not aware that just developing a website will not create your online branding or authority.

Sudden question arise, what do I need to do to develop online branding and to build the authority for my website? Well, let me first ask you a question that do you know the difference between developing online branding and to build the authority of your web based business? I am more than 100% sure that for many people both are same.

In fact, there is a huge difference between the two, online branding is the way through which you promote your online business and get much more exposure through online marketing. It is as simple as creating a blog or a social media account (like in facebook or twitter) for your site and then to promote the same. While on the other hand, building authority is something which comes at a later stage. You can build the authority for your website when you already have developed online branding for the same.

Simply speaking online branding is to create identity for your website, i.e. to increase the online presence of the same, while building authority is to get repetitive and loyal visitors to your website.

How to proceed:

Well the very strong step towards creating online branding and building authority is to develop a blog for your business. Not only developing a blog will work, but then you need to update the same with fresh, unique and informative content on a regular basis. I am sure that you people are aware that Google simply loves fresh, unique and informative content. Not only that, Google also loves the websites which update its content on a regular basis.

Here are the top three reasons why you should create a blog for your business:

The very first one is that blogs are the easiest way to rank your website in search engine result pages. As I said already that Google loves fresh, unique and informative content, so they always give preference to the good blogs over other results for any search.

The second reason behind using blog for developing online branding and building authority is that blog will provide you a great resource to share it in the social media networks. You can always share your blog posts in the websites like Digg, Stumble Upon, Delicious, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter etc. Not only you, but on a later stage people will automatically share your blogs in these networks. I have seen many so called SEO personals to share the product and sales page on these websites, which is actually not a good way to promote your website. It will be hated by other people who are already active on those websites. On the other hand if you are sharing useful articles on these websites then I know many people will like them and thus you will get the visitors as well as the love of these social bookmarking and networking websites.

The third and the last reasons why you should create a blog for your business website is it is the easiest way to help your brand to build authority in the niche of your website. If you can be able to produce awesome content on your blog, then you will sure to get love from other webmasters and from experts of your niche.

Which platform to choose for Blog:

A question which always confuses many people is that, which platform they need for their blog. The first problem is that many people did not understand weather they need the sub domain of their own website to create the blog or to use any free website like blogger, or, for the same. My response on the same is that, always choose your own domain or sub domain to create blog. There is no point in creating blog on some free website and working hard on the same.

You can always go for script to create blog on your own website. It is one of the simplest and most powerful mean to create blog on your own website.

Challenges behind blogging:

Well there are a few concerns or challenges which can stop you to implement blogs to build online branding and authority for your website. The very first one is that you should not deviate from the niche which you are targeting. You should fix the niche first and then create blogs which relates to the same niche. It is very much required. There is a chance that you can deviate from your niche, and you should always keep an eye on the same that your blog should not deviate from the original niche.

Second quite common concern or challenge is that many people think that what need to blog about. They always feel uncomfortable about choosing the topic to blog about. But the fact is really different. Anyone can find something to blog about. You just need to think smartly and convert your own ideas into blog post.

Other quite common fear or challenges behind blogging is that many people fear that sharing your own ideas will reveal their trade secrets and their competitor will take benefit from the same. But in my opinion this is not true. If you ask me then I will tell you to share your knowledge with your visitors, and I am 100% sure that many of them will understand that you are knowledgeable and will seek for your services on the same. It will grow the confidence in your customers for asking for your services.

I hope that these are enough for you to think about starting a blog to develop online branding and building authority for your website or business. You can also contact me any time for any help with this regard. I will be glad to assist you on the same.

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