Printers Best Suited for a Small Business!

Small business owners must weigh up lots of factors in deciding which printer is right for them: should I get a colour laser printer or an inkjet instead; do I need it to be wireless; would I like it to come with a scanner? Here are some tips to help you pick a printer for your small business.

Wireless printers
If you want to be free to move around your office, a wireless printer is ideal for this purpose. And, as more businesses move towards using handheld devices—like mobile phones and tablet computers—wireless printers are likely to become more and more useful.

Printer with scanner
With a scanner you’ll be able to do lots of things that will save your business time and money. Imagine you’ve just closed a sale with a new customer and they don’t have a fax machine. How will you send them a signed copy of the contract? You could send it out in the post and wait a while to get it back, but you could also scan the agreement and send it through to them in an email. This will make the customer more likely to sign on the dotted line, you will get paid sooner and it will save money on postage costs.

A3 printer
An all in one A3 printer can be a wise investment for a consumer, especially if they like printing out photography. However, for a business, they can be indispensible. At the moment, if you need a poster or a brochure, you’re likely to visit your printers and waste lots of time and money in the process. When you have an A3 printer, though, you’ll be able to do everything without having to take as much as a step out of the office. Furthermore, there will be no need to do big print runs that make it more difficult to keep your literature up to date. If you introduce a new product tomorrow, you’ll have your brochure updated right away!

Printer with fax
These printers are very useful, especially when considering the large role faxing still plays in many work environments. Indeed, these printers are often built with small businesses in mind. They come equipped with the handy ability to store faxes in their memory, so if you run out of paper you won’t lose the fax.

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