Why is Backing Up your Blog Important?

During recent time online blogs has converted into a very strong medium of expressing your views. Blog is not an online diary anymore; it has converted into a very strong medium of earning along with expression of thoughts. Creating a blog is quite easy these days; you can either take the help of WordPress (one of the most popular blogging platform) or Blogger.

You can either need a domain name and web hosting, or you can also use the free sub domain provided by these sites to own a blog. Creating a blog is not an impossible task anymore. Maintaining a blog is sometimes a tough task. Many people although did not understand the importance of the maintenance of the blog, as they are not aware about the truth that they might lose their blog at any point of time.

I learnt this fact when I lost many posts of my latest mobile news blog, which in fact was having around 50-60 posts, when out of sudden I had a problem with the hosting provider of the site and then I realized that I don’t have the back up of the blog and thus lost many posts of the blog. I any how managed to get a few posts from Google cache of the site.

This incident taught me that taking the back up of your blog is important, really very much important. Here are some more reasons why you need the back up of your website.

Hosting Changes: You might have some issues with your present hosting provider and you wanted to change your hosting provider, but if you don’t have the back up of your blog then never think about changing your hosting provider as you are sure to lose many posts from your blog. Many a times your hosting provider might suspend your hosting for whatsoever reasons and you will become handicapped with no back up, but if you do have the back up then you can plan something different and you won’t lose a single post of your blog.

Safety of Blog Content: For me my blog posts are like some of my valuable assets, and I never ignore them for any reasons. I being the owner of my blog have the responsibility to save them from any accident, and it can only be possible if I do have the regular back up of my blog. Taking a regular back up of your blog will be beneficial in case of some kind of hacking or phishing attack.

Tension Free Blogging: To get a tension free blogging life you do need the regular back up of your blog. I do remember the pain which I face when I have some problem with any of my blogs and it gives me sleepless nights too.

I don’t think that you need any more fact in support of the importance of taking the regular back up of your blog. Those who don’t know how to take the back up of their WordPress blog can take a look at How to shift the Hosting of a WordPress Website? This is a post written by me a few years back which also has the information about how to take the back up of the WordPress blog.

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