AT&T Announced the Launch of Motorola Atrix 4G!

A few days back I came to know about Android phones, and I was amazed with the features which an Android phone provides to its users. Hang on guys, Android was the most talked about stuff during the International Consumer Electronics Show 2011 (CES11), which means that the Android mobiles are the most happening features of the future.

Let me give you an idea about Motorola Atrix 4G. On the first week of the January 2011, Motorola and AT&T came up with a new mobile Motorola Atrix, which is considered as amongst the most advanced android device as far as AT&T is concerned. Some of the features announced by Motorola and AT&T for Atrix were Android 2.2, a dual core processor of 2 GHz processing speed, 24-bit color display, 4” QHD display screen, 1 GB RAM along with 16GB of onboard storage capacity, extendable memory of up to 32 GB (microSDHC), and many more.

One of the finest features of this set is of Fingerprint recognition. The set is having two cameras, one of 5 Megapixel while other one is a VGA camera with front face, which can be used for web conferencing and video call. While the set is having dual microphone with noise recognition which is good for clear and crisp conferencing.

Along with all these fascinating features this handset created a great place in the heart of the technology geeks just because of the HD Dock. HD Dock is the feature which allows the user to easily connect to the Television or monitor to quickly access the media files like music, videos, pictures etc. Not only this you can also have the luxury of running Firefox, the most popular internet browser after Internet Explorer and Flash on this device.

Motorola Atrix 4G!

From reading this, I am sure you must be wondering what will be its cost. Don’t worry guys and girls, AT&T officially announced the launch of the Motorola Atrix 4G and you will be surprised to hear that this handset will cost you only $199. The offer is for two years contract, while this cost is a discounted price for the users.

The good news is that the presale will begin from 13th of February 2011 and most probably the Motorola Atrix 4G will hit the market on 6th of March 2011. While I did not informed you about one of the most fascinating feature of Motorola Atrix, it is known as the Laptop Dock, with the help of which you can access the web, display the content, edit documents, and one of the most interesting feature, you can call without touching the handset.

If you are looking for purchasing Motorola Atrix and Laptop Dock, then you will get them in the form of a package which will cost you $499.99. In fact the stand alone price for the Laptop Dock is the same $499.99 so it is better to purchase them in a package.

Other than all these AT&T also announced one entertainment kit, which includes HD Multimedia Dock, Bluetooth keyboard and mouse along with the remote control. This entertainment access kit will cost $199.

I am sure you must be thinking, oh God, purchasing all this will cost too much. Yes it seems, but we all know that AT&T is the master of the smart phones, and also remember that this handset is having the 4G technology, which will enable speed. If you are a technology lover then I am sure you will gonna love this mobile phone and will also love to join the Android community.

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