iPhone 4 Review!

iPhone 4 Review


Undoubtedly the most recognized name on the smart phone market is the iPhone and with the release of the iPhone4 Apple has definitely secured that name for a long time to come. With features that have set the boundaries for innovative technological design, the iPhone4 has raised industry standards in such a drastic way that many other companies fail in comparison. The strength of the fan base of this phone is such that people have taken to queuing for it days before its release.

iPhone 4 Review

iPhone 4 Review

The 3” 640×960 screen is the first thing to arrest the user’s attention as it simply exudes a quality that insists it be played with! Running on a 1GHz Apple processor the operating system is no cheap affair either. The highly innovative apps developed by the wizened and creative design teams at Apple are the core of this phones ingenuity and justify the use of one of the fastest processors on the market.

Through taking an alternative approach to the external design of the phone Apple have actually influenced changes in the design of the smart phone market as a whole. The easily recognisable shape and dimensions have made the iPhone4 an image of the industry standard smart phone and led to the release of some copycat designs.

Potential hard disk memory is definitely a characteristic of a phone that would sway any consumer decision and this is not an area that Apple have failed to pay attention to. As one of the only phones to include up to 32GB built in memory the iPhone4 has a sincere upper hand against some of the other high-end smart phones, most of which will only allow 32GB as external only.

Many will argue that this phone is hands down the best smart phone on the market. And many would struggle to argue with that. But it seems that an unfortunate obstacle now exists, an obstacle that was created by Apple themselves; how are they to better the iPhone4?

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