How To Analyze the Value of a Blogpost!

The effectiveness of a blogpost can be measured by certain metrics. Blogsposts are content of your site that drive in traffic and create web presence. There are relative data that you can come up with to know the performance of your blogposts. You can do your analysis for a 24 hour period until 30 days so you can check the lifespan and the popularity of a certain blog.

Page Views
Click through, page views and site visits are among the first three things that you should look into when analyzing the value of a blogpost. The more clicks it generates the more popular a certain blogpost is.

Comments and visitor interaction are also strong factors in determining the performance of a blogpost. If you have more comments on a certain blogposts, it will surely attract natural traffic and entice more readers to visit your blog. Make sure that you respond to these comments to be able to create a certain rapport with your readers and reach them in a more personal way.

Bookmarking sites
Checking your blogpost popularity in bookmarking sites, similar to Digg, is also a good way of knowing the effectiveness of your blogpost. Of course, getting more Diggs simply means that your blogpost is relevant and can get more exposure, thus, giving your site more traffic and a better chance of ranking good on search engines.

Social networking sites
The popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook can also tell so much about the quality of your blogpost. Users can simply put in the link to your blog if they happen to like your post. Facebook shares can do a lot of things for your site. Your blogpost link will be posted on a Facebook wall for all users’ friends to see. This means instant popularity and natural traffic for your site. Similarly, if you have a fan page on Facebook, a good post can generate lots of Like.

Tweeter is another site that can tell you about the performance of your blogpost. The number of tweets to your blogpost can let you know the popularity and the impact of a certain content to your readers.

The factors above are only a few pointers on how you can analyze the value of your blogpost. Evaluating your content every now and then can help you come up with quality posts and check for points of improvement for better content all throughout your website.

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